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Our goal is to strengthen our local communities by supporting our small businesses and encouraging economic development.  We would like assist in creating conditions for economic growth and improved quality of life, by expanding the capacity of individuals, businesses and the communities, to maximize the use of their talents and skills, lowering cost, and responsibly producing valuable goods and services.

Clarissa Robison, has a professional foundation in small business ownership, administration, management, accounting, and marketing.  She holds a B.B.A., Bachelor of Business Administration, a National Board Certification, and a M.Ed., Masters of Education specific to CareerTech education/training.  As Mid-America’s Small Business Management Coordinator, can provide expertise, consultation, coaching training workshops and specific customized training to start-up businesses as they prepare to launch, growing business as they expand, and incumbent businesses in reaching profitability goals.  For more information contact  Clarissa Robison at (405) 650-5076, (405) 449-3391  Ext. 275 or



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