The OSSM Advantage!


A Half-Day Program

Students take college level calculus and physics courses at OSSM half of the school day.  The other half of the school day the students attend their local high school.  College level calculus and physics while maintaining your high school affiliation and extra-curricular activities; that’s the OSSM Advantage!


AP Calculus BC

The calculus class at OSSM is an Advanced Placement class that is equivalent to two semesters of college calculus.  Local high schools offer no calculus at all, a non-Advanced Placement class, or an AP Calculus AB class which is equivalent to only one semester of college calculus.  An Advanced Placement calculus program with two full semesters of curriculum; that’s the OSSM Advantage!   


AP Physics C:  Mechanics

The AP Physics class at OSSM is equivalent to a one semester college course.  The course is calculus-based.  Local high schools offer no physics course at all, a non-Advanced Placement course, or an AP Physics course that is only algebra-based.  An Advanced Placement, calculus- based physics course with a full lab experience; that’s the OSSM Advantage!



The OSSM Regional Center Program is funded by the State.  There is no tuition, fees, or lab expenses.  Textbooks are provided free of charge.  College level courses for free; that’s the OSSM Advantage!


Transportation Provided

Students attending the OSSM Regional Center will have access to the bus system that Mid-America provides to and from each high school.  Free transportation; that’s the OSSM Advantage!


College Preparedness

The college level courses and rigor at OSSM produce students with greater academic maturity.  Students leave the OSSM Program prepared not only to get to college; but to survive and thrive there.  College readiness and academic maturity; that’s the OSSM Advantage!


ACT Boost

Students who attend the OSSM Regional Center often experience a jump in their ACT score.  Higher ACT scores mean admission to elite universities and more scholarship money. 

Maximizing your ACT score; that’s the OSSM Advantage!


College Credit

An emphasis of the OSSM Regional Center Program is to prepare students for the Advanced Placement exams in May. Students with qualifying scores will earn college credit.  College credit while still in high school; that’s the OSSM Advantage!