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Adult Training & Development
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General Information

•Minimum age for enrollment is 16 years, no children are allowed to accompany the student to their classes.
•Mail or fax the enrollment form to enroll in the course of your choice. You can enroll via the Internet. We will accept telephone enrollments if you are paying by a debit card or credit card.
•Early enrollment is encouraged in order to keep classes from being canceled or postponed.
•Classes must have a minimum of five, full tuition paying students enrolled prior to the class start date or they may be canceled or postponed.
•Students are not officially enrolled until tuition is paid in full.
•Mid-America Technology Center reserves the right to cancel classes, alter time schedules and make any other changes necessary to facilitate the enrollment process and course offerings.


•Students withdrawing before the third class meeting will receive a refund on tuition, less a $5 processing fee.
•No refunds will be given after the third night of class has begun.
•A full refund will be given for any course cancelled by Mid-America Technology Center.
•Refunds due to cancellations or withdrawal by the student will be processed through our Accounting Department and mailed to the individual or business within approximately 14 business days..

Class Costs

Full payment of class costs is due at the time of enrollment and may be paid by cash, check, money order, VISA, MasterCard or purchase order.
•Class space is not reserved until full payment is made.
•Company and agency billings are gladly accepted.  Authorized verification of the billing is required at the time of enrollment for class costs.
•Textbooks will be distributed at the first class meeting.


Must meet all the following elibility requirements:

• Must have the entered service from Oklahoma
• Must have served as full-time military member with a minimum of 18 consecutive months between August 10, 1964 and December 31, 1976 .
• Must have an honorable discharge.
• Tuition waivers must be used within 10 years of discharge date as reported on DD214.
(Example: If your discharge date was May 2006 your benefit expires in May 2016)
• If you do not complete at least 50% of the class, you will be charged full Tuition.

Those meeting all the above requirements can attend tuition free, books and/or other fees are not covered under this benefit.

A copy of Form DD 214 must be supplied to the Adult Education Office.

Notice: Prices subject to change without notice.

Call (405) 449-3391 or Toll Free (800) 232-5580
Or Fax your enrollment form to (405) 449-3421