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OSSM Regional Center

OSSM BannerOSSM Regional Center at Mid-America Technology Center in Wayne

Tony Cornforth teaches both calculus and physics at the OSSM Regional Center.

Mr. Cornforth has been teaching calculus and/or physics for OSSM since 2001.

Mr. Cornforth earned bachelor's degrees in both pure mathematics and math education at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.  He earned his master's degree in mathematics at the University of Oklahoma.  He is an Oklahoma State Department of Education certified teacher and a National Board certified teacher.

He also serves as a reader at the College Board’s AP Calculus Reading.

The OSSM Regional Center is an advanced math and science program for ambitious, college-bound students.

It is also a one-year program with a second-year option.

Students in the program experience the “OSSM Advantage” which includes:

Advanced classes typically not available at regular high schools

First-year students take AP Calculus BC (equivalent to two semesters of college calculus), General Physics ( equivalent to a one-semester algebra-based physics course), and AP Physics C: Mechanics (equivalent to a one-semester calculus-based physics course).

Second-year students take Calculus 3 and AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism.

Improved ACT score

On average students improve their ACT scores by three points per year at OSSM.

Academic Maturity

OSSM is not intended to prepare students for a specific job; but rather to improve a student’s academic maturity so that they are prepared to go anywhere and do anything in college.

Qualified candidates are sophomores or juniors who have completed Algebra 2.

The admission cycle begins in March with visits to each high school, continues with an Open House in early April, followed by a Pre-Admission Day in mid-April and concludes with accept/decline decisions in late April.

For more information contact OSSM teacher Tony Cornforth at [email protected].