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MATC Classrooms, Labs, and Meeting Rooms 

Students will continue to practice increased hygiene measures and physical distancing. 

MATC Break Room 

Programs will follow the normal break schedule and be limited to 10 minutes in the main break room.

MATC Academic Classes 

Academic classes: Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra II, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology- will begin meeting August 19 in their classrooms.  Students traveling to Academic Classes are required to wear their student ID .  The academic class teachers will put out a schedule of class times prior to August 19.


MATC’s attendance policy will be enforced. 

MATC Academic Center 

Classes will begin attending the Academic Center on August 20. Students traveling to the Academic Center are required to wear their student ID.  Teachers will be given a schedule of meeting times prior to August 20.

Work-Based Education 

MATC students will continue to work in both MATC simulated and approved off-site work experiences. Students will follow both MATC and business/facility PPE and safety protocols. 


Visitors must have prior approval by an administrator.  Visitors to the campus will be required to answer a health questionnaire and sign in at the front office to receive a Visitor's Badge.

Buses and Transportation 

MATC buses will continue to run to each of our sending schools according to schedule.  Students riding MATC buses must be listed on the bus roster, sit in assigned seat. When reasonable, students are encouraged to social distance on the bus.


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