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Mid-America Technology Center Holds Awards Ceremonies

Posted Date: 06/02/2022

Mid-America Technology Center Holds Awards Ceremonies

            Mid-America Technology Center recently held its 2021-2022 Awards Ceremonies honoring the 445 students who have completed their technical programs. In addition to Certificates of Completion, students received Outstanding Student awards and Perfect Attendance certificates.

            Mid-America would like to join family and friends in congratulating these students for their dedication, perseverance, and achievements in completing their chosen areas of study.

Students Receiving Certificates of Completion:

Ada – Kya Rhodes, Equine Production

Blanchard – *Bailey Adams, Therapeutic Health Careers; *Caden Adams, Pre-Engineering; Riley Jake Bailey, Network Systems Technician; *Natalie Lynne Beshears, Cosmetologist; Jaden William Bettis, Combination Welder; Milla Bishop, Emergency Medical Technician; Jaxon Brezinka, Health Careers Explorer; *Braden Joseph Brummett, Criminal Justice Officer; Abigail L. Buntin, Therapeutic Health Careers; Leah Burnside, Medical Office Assistant; Joshua Lee Cantin, Building & Property Maintenance; *Daniel B. Clement, Building & Property Maintenance; *Alanah Fae Cox, Veterinary Assistant; Cheyenne Cox, Equine Production; Carson E. Davis, Pre-Engineering; *Alan James Fraysur, Automotive Service Technician; *Bryceleigh Gann, Health Careers Explorer; William Griffin, CADD; Jared Guerrero, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Grace Katrina Bell Hamdy, Equine Production; Aidan Harmon, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Kloe Hendricks, CADD; Thomas Lane Hensley, Automotive Service Technician; Dakota James Holloway, Building & Property Maintenance; Lorian Alitia Hulse, Veterinary Assistant; Dylan Jackson, Combination Welder; Monet Rae Anna Jines, Cosmetologist; Logan Kennedy, Residential HVAC Technician; *Isabel Luna, Cosmetologist; Emily Maddox, Cosmetologist; Cole D. Marler, Combination Welder; Alexis Isis Martin, Residential HVAC Technician; *Alan Martinez, Automotive Service Technician; Mariley McCawley, Health Careers Explorer; Seth Miller, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Cali Morris, Cosmetologist; Miranda Moses, Health Careers Explorer; Riley Northrip, Cyber Security; Annet Idalyn Nunez, Veterinary Assistant; Chloe Peterson, Emergency Medical Technician; Matthew Powers, Audio Visual Integration; Colton Pregler, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Emily Rhodes, Health Careers Explorer; Brock Rinken, Health Careers Explorer; Mason Robbins, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Tyler Rodgers, Multimedia Specialist; *Jessalyn Arella Romero, Pre-Nursing; Shyla Savage, Emergency Medical Technician; Megan Meshelle Sharp, Veterinary Assistant; Magan Stewart, Multimedia Specialist; Sierra Swanson, Medical Office Assistant; Keegan T. Swindell, Combination Welder; Hadliana Talavera, Health Careers Explorer; Thomas Wilmeth, Audio Visual Integration; Alexander Edward Wise, Automotive Service Technician

Bridge Creek – Yaritza Aranda, Medical Office Assistant; Mason James Barnes, Residential HVAC Technician; Jadyn Raelynn Carlton, Pre-Nursing; *Logan Wade Coffman, Combination Collision Repair Technician; *Taylor Leeann Collins, Cosmetologist; Narissa M. Cordell, Equine Production; Chris Alexander Dawkins, Residential Carpentry; Tyler Day, Horticulture Technician; Logan Hutchins, Horticulture; Ashton Kirk, Network Systems Technician; Kaizyn Kraft, Audio Visual Integration; *Ripley Logan Laws, Graphic Design; Kayley  Levita, Therapeutic Health Careers; Daniel F. Martin, Combination Welder; Houston Shawn Martin, Veterinary Assistant; Kailer Leo Melin, Combination Collison Repair Technician; Logan Myers, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Gunner Natcher, Horticulture Technician; Elizabeth Polesky, Emergency Medical Technician; Ashlee Berry, Equine Production

Dibble – Zach Blanchard; Industrial Robotics & Automation; Fatima Evelyn Carpio, Cosmetologist; Quentin Michael Dietz, Residential HVAC Technician; Blaine Downey, Emergency Medical Technician; Rebekah LeAnne Graves, Residential Carpentry; Kody Green-Myers, Cyber Security; Luis Hernandez, Therapeutic Health Careers; Dylan Holt, Residential Carpentry; Wyatt Inman, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Tylee McKinney, Health Careers Explorer; Carson Nixon, Cyber Security; Jordan Perkey, Cyber Security; Halie Dawn Purcell, Criminal Justice Officer; Benjamin Jason Rea, Residential Carpentry; Sabra Spieker, Health Careers Explorer; Jakob Steury, Emergency Medical Technician

Elmore City – Pablo Balbantin III, Criminal Justice Officer; Chris Brown, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Ryan Burch, Veterinary Assistant, Taylor Clark, Therapeutic Health Careers; Skylar Marie Davis, Veterinary Assistant; Annie Harrell, Therapeutic Health Careers; Nicole Ray Keesee, Veterinary Assistant; Alexzander, Knight, Industrial Robotics & Automation; William Knight, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Dylan Moore, Lineworker Technology; Waylon Gage Moore, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Zabian Roehrig, Audio Visual Integration; *Emily Teakell, Horticulture Technician; Kade Zeiler, CNC Machinist

Foster – Cody Cole, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant

Konawa – Taylor Jackson, Equine Production; Arron Kelsey, Lineworker Technology

Lexington – Trey Alvin Auwen, Automotive Service Technician; Atlee Beasley, Therapeutic Health Careers; Gracie Elizabeth Bettes, Graphic Design; *Pilar Chavez, Medical Office Assistant; Natalie Jo Clegg, Veterinary Assistant; Paige Nichole Conley, Health Careers Explorer; Graycee O’Mara Craig, Cosmetologist, Rylee Day, Pre-Nursing; Madalyn Dunn, Equine Production; Alexandria Nicole Evans, Veterinary Assistant; *John Henry Forster, Criminal Justice Officer; *Gisel Fuentes, Medical Office Assistant; Kaitlyn Henson, Horticulture Technician; Carlos Huerta.  Criminal Justice Officer; Jessie L. Jensen, Building & Property Maintenance; Alyssa Je-Ann Johnson, Health Careers Explorer; Chase Johnson, Residential Carpentry; Justice Nicole Johnson, Cosmetologist; Kirsten Keeth, Graphic Design; Kolby King, Lineworker Technology; Kaden Kraft, Emergency Medical Technician; Connor Lee, Therapeutic Health Careers; Destiny Lehman, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; *Tyson Madden, Emergency Medical Technician; Ashlee Nicole Nelson, Graphic Design; Jacob Claude Powers, Combination Collison Repair Technician, Colten Ryan Privett, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Brady Shane Rillema, Combination Collision Repair Technician; *Isela Ruiz-Ryes, CADD; *Aaron Nick Smith, Health Careers Explorer; Gabriel Smith, CNC Machinist; Kylie Jade Smith, Health Careers Explorer; Mattie Soto, Health Careers Explorer; Journey Taylor, Pre-Nursing; *Miguel De Jesus Trejo, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Brookelyn Vaughn, Emergency Medical Technician; Wyatt, Webb, Emergency Medical Technician; Connor Aiden Wesson, Criminal Justice Officer; Health Ellis Winterton, Residential HVAC Technician; Janelle Winterton, Therapeutic Health Careers

Lindsay – Gregory Trace Adams, Automotive Service Technician; Kendra Ann Brown, Criminal Justice Officer; Coleen Collins, Equine Production; Brooklynn Cowley, Therapeutic Health Careers; *Samuel Crawford, Combination Collison Repair Technician; Ashlyn Daigle, Equine Production; Steven Dean Degering, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; *Shannon Dieter, CADD; Elizabeth Michele Duggins, Veterinary Assistant; Matthew Dutton, Automotive Service Technician; *Kambri Dawn Evans, Health Careers Explorer; Brehana Galindo-Gaytan, Therapeutic Health Careers; Alejandra Hernandez, Graphic Design; Rayden Hill, Emergency Medical Technician; Landen Holman, Building & Property Maintenance; Garett Johnson, Therapeutic Health Careers; *Payton Johnson, Therapeutic Health Careers; Kalisa Marie Kay, Cosmetologist; *Philip Lee Keck, Automotive Service Technician; *Madilynn Marie Grace Legare, Cosmetologist; Pedro Junior Menchaca, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; *Kelbi Ann Marie Mills, Health Careers Explorer; *Erick Montes, Graphic Design; Javin Phillip Mowdy, Health Careers Explorer; Pyper Muldoon, Cosmetologist; Azariah Lemuel Raisch, Veterinary Assistant; Kaiton Robbins, Medical Office Assistant; *Nola Salie, Therapeutic Health Careers; *Chloe Lee Singleton, Pre-Nursing; Aidan Nevaeh Stephen, Criminal Justice Officer; *Adrianna Stroud, CADD; MaKayla Trammell, Health Careers Explorer

Little Axe – Melany Itzel Amador, Veterinary Assistant; Brandon Brice Bibb, Automotive Service Technician; Kylie Dawn Bingenheimer, Veterinary Assistant; Kaitlyn Rose Brewer, Health Careers Explorer; Michael Carter, Therapeutic Health Careers; Joseph Davis, Therapeutic Health Careers; Andres Esparza, Graphic Design; *Kayleigh Foster, Therapeutic Health Careers; Kandace Fox, Medical Office Assistant; Layne Hart, Cyber Security; Brailey Houseman, Veterinary Assistant; Caroline Lingenfelter, Veterinary Assistant; Jesse Ray-James Longwith, Criminal Justice Officer; Joshua Marcom, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Elizabeth Marcia Marturano, CADD; James McCrory, Cyber Security; Dylan Cole Molenhour, Network Systems Technician; Lilyan Olwert, Health Careers Explorer; Braxton Pickens, CNC Machinist; Emma Jeanette Price, Horticulture Technician; Freeman Lane Rumley, Residential Carpentry; Allen Seilkopf, CADD; *Amanda Mae Alice Taylor, Health Careers Explorer; Alexis Tipton, Health Careers Explorer; *Leslie Travis, Therapeutic Health Careers

Maysville – *Keagan L. Brooks, Residential Carpentry; Matthew Jake Dobson, Residential HVAC Technician; David W. Gibbs, Building & Property Maintenance; Bo Green, Therapeutic Health Careers, Montana King, Emergency Health Careers; Sataiea Simmons, Medical Office Assistant; Caitlin Nicole Ward, Criminal Justice Officer

Newalla – Vivek Jackson, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Jesse Francisco Quintana, Residential Carpentry; Zack Ryan Self, Automotive Service Technician

Newcastle – Kori Renee Ashmore, Veterinary Assistant; Christian Babb, Audio Visual Integration; Jakob Devin Bates, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; *Chrislyn Jae Bewley, Cosmetologist; Michael Callison Bullock, Residential HVAC Technician; *Happie Raechelle Candelaria, Pre-Nursing; Jerith E. Carinder, Multimedia Specialist; Jaidyn Lynn Keelie Chism, Cosmetologist; Paige Nicole Christy, Health Careers Explorer; Connor Churchill, Multimedia Specialist; Alex Coker, Audio Visual Integration; Austin Edward Engelke, Automotive Service Technician; Luke Evans, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Kylen Grubbs, Multimedia Specialist; William Hall, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Elijah Hogan, Multimedia Specialist; Ethan Tyler Johnson, Combination Collison Repair Technician; Michael Deacon LeForce, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Eric Russell Lewis, Combination Welder; Hudsyn Mack, Cosmetologist; Chayse Martin, Audio Visual Technician; Mackenzie Michelle McConnell, Health Careers Explorer; C.J. McCord, Equine Production; Cameron Chase Menefee, Residential HVAC Technician; Daniel Allen Neal, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Lance Emerson Owen, Pre-Engineering; *Kristanna M. Phillips, Equine Production; Owen Pospisil, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Jasmin Regalado-Apodaca, Health Careers Explorer; Shane Rodriquez, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Weston Scott, Graphic Design; Tyson Shores, CNC Machinist; Emmaline Shoumaker, Equine Production; Dalton Reece Smith, Residential HVAC Technician; Serenity Tinker, Medical Office Assistant; Lynlee Faye Tortolini, Pre-Nursing; Rylie Nicole Tucker, Health Careers Explorer; Colton Blake Turner, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Colby Wickersham, CNC Machinist

Noble – Emma Lorraine Adams, Cosmetologist; Morgan Baylee Aguiar, Health Careers Explorer; Lane R. Allen, Combination Welder; Luke Andrew Bartels, Veterinary Assistant; *Taylor Alexis Beem, Graphic Design; Paige Nichole Benda, Veterinary Assistant; Equine Production; *Jamy Calk, Graphic Design; James Carson, CNC Machinist; Jacie Nadine Crawford, Veterinary Assistant; Caitlyn Michelle Doan, Criminal Justice Officer; Richard Everett, Emergency Medical Technician; *Christopher Green, Horticulture Technician; *Kaylee L. Harp, Criminal Justice Officer; Jayden Rayann Henson, Veterinary Assistant; Samuel Nathan Hiller, Automotive Service Technician; *Landen Hollis, Cyber Security; Madeline Elizabeth Hyer, Veterinary Assistant; Daisy Ann Jackson, Health Careers Explorer; Justin Kriz, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Eleora Mata, Pre-Nursing; Abigail Crimson Blaze McDowell, Health Careers Explorer; BreAnna Medrano, Emergency Medical Technician; *Eryk Montgomery, Building & Property Maintenance; *Erika Pena, Therapeutic Health Careers; *Makayla Orenda Rigg-Smith, Health Careers Explorer; Chloe June Robinett, Cosmetologist; Rylee W. Scott, Combination Welder; Kaitlyn Rose Sumrall, Graphic Design; Marchell Taylor, Health Careers Explorer; Aimee Waters, CADD

Norman – Pate Calvert, Equine Production; Rebecca J. Evans, Equine Production; Brantly Finch, Emergency Medical Technician; Braden Hunter, Lineworker Technology; Kevin Marksberry, CNC Machinist; Diana Quinone, Equine Production; Emelyn A. Willis, Equine Production

Paoli – Morgan Burney, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Heaven Lee Chesnutt, Cosmetologist; Mitchell Craig Green, Multimedia Specialist; Gunner Eli Manning, Criminal Justice Officer; Macy Lynn Schneider, Pre-Nursing; Derek Stewart, Graphic Design; Jerry Thompson III, Multimedia Specialist; Cali Brooke Wigley, Pre-Nursing; Landon Wilkey, CNC Machinist

Pauls Valley – Giovanni  Rene Amaya, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Dawson Matthew Ammons, Criminal Justice Officer; Celson Barahona, Health Careers Explorer; *Taylor Barrett, Health Careers Explorer; Abigail L. Boger, Equine Production; Garrett Bonner, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Riley Layne Cogburn, Pre-Nursing; Anthony Fermin Colmenarez, Automotive Service Technician; *Noelia Cruz-Vidal, Multimedia Specialist; Joel Diaz, Combination Welder; Lilyann Fajt, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Seth Ford, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Anahi Yazmin Garduno, Criminal Justice Officer; Bianca Lisset Garduno, Medical Office Assistant; Jaycee Rae Green, Veterinary Assistant; Carson Hodge, Residential HVAC Technician; Kylie Dawn Huckaby, Medical Office Assistant; Mikayla Danielle King, Veterinary Assistant; Aalauna Anmarie Martin, Cosmetologist; Kaylie McCoy, Health Careers Explorer; *Josiah A. Medina, Pre-Engineering; Luis Mendez, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Kayla Miles, Therapeutic Health Careers; Rene Ortega-Velez, Equine Production; Brianna Nichole Sanders, Cosmetologist; Taylor Reneé Spencer, Cosmetologist; David Tu, Network Systems Technician; Saul Roman Ulloa, Multimedia Specialist; Natalie Villalobos Ramirez, Equine Production; Wesley Williamson, Building & Property Maintenance; *Marleigh Wright, Therapeutic Health Careers

Purcell – Fernando Ivan, Auz, Residential Carpentry; *Natalie Auz, Emergency Medical Technician; Jaiden Avila, Therapeutic Health Careers; Lauren Banks, Equine Production; Kylee Bennett, Emergency Medical Technician; Carter Anthony Bryant, Automotive Service Technician; Thomas Edwards, Cyber Security; Maria Estrada, Therapeutic Health Careers; Joseph Glenn, Residential Carpentry; Makenzie Hook, Emergency Medical Technician; Emily Knapp, Health Careers Explorer; Reuben Walton Leveridge, Combination Welder; Dylan Michelle Licquia, Veterinary Assistant; Joey Ulysses Lozier, Network Systems Technician; Cooper Jack Lynn, Combination Welder; Lucan Mahaffey, Emergency Medical Technician; Celeste Martinez, Cosmetologist; Deanna Jolie McGee, Health Careers Explorer; Ethan Norton, Lineworker Technology; Isidro Paez, Graphic Design; Kaden Powell, Cyber Security; Mateo Jackson Ramirez, Residential HVAC Technician; Eduardo Antonio Reyes, Residential Carpentry; Cristian Rojo, CADD; Mackenzie Smith-Ivers, Emergency Medical Technician; Bryant Snow, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Jalyn Shae Tate, Combination Repair Technician; Gavin Bradley Willard, Residential HVAC Technician; Juleeanna Willems, Horticulture Technician;

Stratford – Lundyn Miche Anderson, Health Careers Explorer; Salena Rana Bear, Pre-Nursing; Morgan Boyles, Therapeutic Health Careers; *Cami Jo-Dawn Busse, Health Careers Explorer; Hana Cottrell, Horticulture Technician; Makayla Rashele Denny, Health Careers Explorer; Collin Early, Horticulture Technician; Clayton Justin Edwards, Criminal Justice Officer; *Madison Marie Gustovic, Pre-Engineering; Emily P. Henderson, Veterinary Assistant; Rylie Dawn Hurley, Veterinary Assistant; Brisyn Markovich, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Connor Nabors, Cyber Security; Kourtney Willingham, Health Careers Explorer; *Holley Belle Wood, Health Careers Explorer; Chloe Dylan Wright, Cosmetologist

Wanette – Chris J. Admire, Residential Carpentry; Alex Johnson, Health Careers Explorer

Washington – Evan Andrews, CADD; Mason Jared Baker, Health Careers Explorer; Levi Dale Barnes, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Camden Bates, Therapeutic Health Careers; Jaidynn Marie Bingham, Veterinary Assistant; Luke Andrew Blandamer, Multimedia Specialist; Katelyn Elyse Blankenship, Veterinary Assistant; *Hunter Bolser, Automotive Service Technician; Cayson Brown, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Estevan Castillo, Residential HVAC Technician; *James Clay Cheek, Automotive Service Technician; Connor W. Hamilton, Combination Welder; *Alexis Renee Harrington, Cosmetologist; *Dominik Jackson, Cyber Security; Rebecca Lynn Madden, Cosmetologist; Justin Malmberg, Cyber Security; Courtlyn McMahon, Health Careers Explorer; Hunter Nixon, Lineworker Technology; *Ashlee Jane Reich, Pre-Nursing; Karyssa Rollins, Graphic Design; Zachary Rousey, Cyber Security; *Lexi Sherrick, Combination Collison Repair Technician; Kaitlyn Rose Smith, Graphic Design; *Brighton Snow, Multimedia Specialist; *Layne D. Spaulding, Pre-Engineering; Lane Steele, Multimedia Specialist; Jillian Stover, Cosmetologist; *Sandra Kate Trammell, Cosmetologist; Rhett Vaughn, Residential Carpentry; Ronnie Wade, Cyber Security

Wayne – Jerry Warner Akins, Automotive Service Technician; Ryan Blankenship, Combination Welder; *Ashley Nicole Bless, Pre-Nursing; Brody Dale Brady, Veterinary Assistant; Danielle Carie, Equine Production; Cody Jake Davis, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Kailee Faye Davis, Veterinary Assistant; Jairo Hernandez, Combination Welder; Jaden Kane, Combination Welder; Beth Diana Watts, Pre-Nursing; *Dylana Marie Webster, Health Careers Explorer; Joseph D. White, Building & Property Maintenance

Wynnewood – Zoe Alexander, Emergency Medical Technician; Aubrey Brown, Horticulture Technician; Emily Dianne Bryce, Equine Production; *Cynthia Marie Munoz, Pre-Nursing; Brett Parks, Residential Carpentry; Brianna Ruppe, Industrial Robotics & Automation; *Roxana Lucibella Salgado, Criminal Justice Officer; Leslie Thompson, Therapeutic Health Careers; Kalyn Turner, Health Careers Explorer

Yukon – Isaac Myers, Industrial Robotics & Automation

Outstanding Students:

Blanchard – Caden Adams, Pre-Engineering; Riley Jake Bailey, Network Systems Technician; Natalie Lynne Beshears, Cosmetologist; Daniel B. Clement, Building & Property Maintenance; Lorian Alitia Hulse, Veterinary Assistant

Elmore City – Chris Brown, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Alexzander Knight, Industrial Robotics & Automation

Lexington – Gisel Fuentes, Medical Office Assistant; Isela Ruiz-Reyes, CADD; Miguel De Jesus Trejo, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Wyatt Webb, Emergency Medical Technician

Lindsey – Garett Johnson, Therapeutic Health Careers; Philip Lee Keck, Automotive Service Technician; Aidan Nevaeh Stephen, Criminal Justice Officer; Adrianna Stroud, CADD

Little Axe – Emma Jeanette Price, Horticulture Technician

Maysville – Keagan L. Brooks, Residential Carpentry; Sataiea Simmons, Medical Office Assistant

Newalla – Zach Ryan Self, Automotive Service Technician

Newcastle – Happie Raechelle Candelaria, Pre-Nursing; Eric Russell Lewis, Combination Welder; Hudsyn Mack, Cosmetologist; Chayse Martin, Audio Visual Integration; Kristanna M. Phillips, Equine Production; Tyson Shores, CNC Machinist

Noble – Morgan Baylee Aguiar, Health Careers Explorer; Eryk Montgomery, Building & Property Maintenance; Rylee W. Scott, Combination Welder; Kaitlyn Rose Sumrall, Graphic Design

Norman – Rebecca J. Evans, Equine Production; Kevin Marksberry, CNC Machinist

Paoli – Derek Stewart, Graphic Design; Jerry Thompson III, Multimedia Specialist

Pauls Valley – Josiah A. Medina, Pre-Engineering

Purcell – Natalie Auz, Emergency Medical Technician; Jaiden Avila, Therapeutic Health Careers; Lauren Banks, Equine Production; Gavin Bradley Willard, Residential HVAC Technician

Stratford – Rylie Dawn Hurley, Veterinary Assistant; Kourtney Willingham, Health Careers Explorer

Washington – Dominik Jackson, Cyber Security; Ashlee Jane Reich, Pre-Nursing; Brighton Snow, Multimedia Specialist

Yukon – Isaac Myers, Industrial Robotics & Automation

Perfect Attendance: 

BlanchardwCade Adams, Pre-Engineering; wCarson E. Davis, Pre-Engineering; Alan Martinez, Automotive Service Technician

Elmore City – Emily Teakell, Horticulture Technician; Nathaniel Warner, Cyber Security

Lexington – Pilar Chavez, Medical Office Assistant

NewcastlewLuke Evans, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Kristanna M. Phillips, Equine Production

Noble – Makayla Orenda Rigg-Smith, Health Careers Explorer

Purcell – Hayden Ice, Pre-Engineering

Stratford – Cami Jo-Dawn Busse, Health Careers Explorer; Kaitlyn Dobbs, Cosmetologist

Wayne – Brayden Force, Cyber Security


*National Technical Honor Society Member

wPerfect Attendance for 2 years (2020-21 & 2021-22)