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Mid-America Technology Center Students Compete at HOSA State Leadership Conference

Posted Date: 06/22/2023

Mid-America Technology Center Students Compete at HOSA State Leadership Conference

Mid-America Technology Center students in the Emergency Medical Technician, Health Careers Explorer, Medical Office Assistant Pre-Nursing, Therapeutic Health Careers, and Practical Nursing programs attended the 2023 HOSA State Leadership Conference.

            The EMT, Health Career Explorer, Medical Office Assistant, and Therapeutic Health Careers students who placed are:    

Emergency Medical Technician2nd place, Destiny Free, Lindsay & Chelsey White, Lindsay

        (team)                                       3rd place, Cami Busse, Stratford & Shane Lundy, Bridge Creek

                                                         5th place (postsecondary), Noelya Rivera, Purcell & Rylee

                                                         Scott, Noble

Emotional Well-Being Challenge:  Advancing to ILC¸ Brenna Kitson, Blanchard & Sabra

        (team)                                         Spieker, Dibble

Health Care Issues Exam: 5th place (postsecondary), Monica Tumax-Lopez, Pauls Valle                

Health Education1st place (postsecondary), Emily Knapp, Wayne & Maranda Youngwolfe,

        (team)               Wayne

                                 5th place, Briannah Martin, Paoli & Achaia Williams, Newcastle

Health Health Aide: 5th place (postsecondary), Monica Tumax-Lopez, Pauls Valley

Job Seeking Skills: 1st place, Chloe Cheatwood, Lexington

Life Skills: 3rd place, Trinity Cassell, Washington  

Medical Assisting 2nd place (postsecondary), Anijah Austin, Pauls Valley

                                 3rd place, Emma Duncan, Little Axe

Medical Reading2nd place, Noria Stell, Purcell

Personal Care:  3rd place, Kloe Overley, Wayne

Physical Therapy:  2nd place, Jimena Portillo, Purcell

                                 3rd place, Elexa Collins, Lexington

                                 5th place, Taylor Barrett, Pauls Valley

Sports Medicine:  3rd place, Taylor Nixon, Dibble

                                4th place, Jazmyn Streun, Noble

                                5th place, Daliyah Fuentes, Dibble

            The Practical Nursing students who placed at the conference are as follows (all are postsecondary students):

Biomedical Debate:  1st place, Cheyanne Hellstern, Purcell; Colton Ince, Lindsay; Rebecca

        (team)                Savaro, Noble; Lynlee Tortolini, Newcastle

Career Development:  1st place, Ashlee Reich, Blanchard

Clinical Nursing:  2nd place, Morgan Gardner, Purcell

Extemporaneous Writing:  2nd place, Eleora Mata, Noble

                                               3rd place Rylee Day, Purcell                                                                                        

HOSA Bowl2nd place, Peggy Hart, Norman; Randa Hatter, Stratford; Madison Hickey,

        (team)      Norman; Bethanni Higgins, Elmore City

Leadership:  1st place, Briana Gonzalez, Pauls Valley

                       2nd place, Jazmine Patterson, Lexington

Math for Health Professionals:  1st place, Madelyn Smith, Noble

Microbiology:  1st place, Rylee Andrews, Washington

Prepared Speaking1st place, Caleb Hyer, Noble

Researched Persuasive Speaking: 2nd place, Alyssa Journagan, Pauls Valley

HOSA International Leadership Conference will be June 21-24 in Dallas, Texas. The MATC students eligible to compete on the national level are: Health Careers Explorer student Chloe Cheatwood; Pre-Nursing students Breanna Kitson, Emily Knapp, Sabra Spieker, and Maranda Youngwolfe; and Practical Nursing students Rylee Andrews, Briana Gonzalez, Cheyanne Hellstern, Caleb Hyer, Colton Ince, Ashlee Reich, Rebecca Savaro, Madelyn Smith, and Lynlee Tortolini.

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