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Mid-America Technology Center Holds Awards Ceremonies

Posted Date: 06/13/2023

Mid-America Technology Center Holds Awards Ceremonies

Mid-America Technology Center recently held its 2022–2023 Awards Ceremonies, honoring the 409 students who have completed their technical programs. In addition to Certificates of Completion, students received Outstanding Student awards and Perfect Attendance certificates.

            Mid-America would like to join family and friends in congratulating these students for their dedication, perseverance, and achievements in completing their chosen areas of study.

Students Receiving Certificates of Completion:

Ada – Kya Rhodes, Veterinary Assistant

Blanchard – Karston Jacob Anderson, Automotive Service Technician; Aaron Berry, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; *Paxton Bradley, Residential HVAC Technician; Jaxon Brezinka, Emergency Medical Technician; Hanna Cabeen, Cosmetologist; Bryar Coleman, Combination Welder; Cheyenne Cox, Veterinary Assistant; *Ilana Gili Douglas, Health Careers Explorer; Jackie Paul Ellington, Therapeutic Health Careers; Drake Espinoza, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; *Tristen John Fleck, Pre-Engineering; Garen Green, Combination Welder, Sydney Gulikers, Health Careers Explorer; Zayne Austin Hadlock, Health Careers Explorer; *Emily Hansen, Cosmetologist; Gracie Hearon, Business Office Assistant; John Hitt, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Tori Hollis, Cosmetologist; Harlee Hopper, Medical Office Assistant; Brenna Kitson, Pre-Nursing; Trystin Paige Langford, Veterinary Assistant; Jessica M. Lentz, Equine Production; Morgan Loveless, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; *Trinity Luther, Graphic Design; *Kamdyn Lynn McKay, Health Careers Explorer; Erasmo Moreno, Industrial Robotics & Automation; *Grace Morrison, Cosmetologist; Kirsten Norton, Equine Production; *Austin Dean Penner, Automotive Service Technician; Rainy Dior Redmon, Health Careers Explorer; *Brock Rinken, Pre-Nursing; Kaiden Sales, Residential HVAC Technician; Samuel Schneringer, CNC Machinist; Nick Shupert, CADD; Ethan Alexander Solorzano, Health Careers Explorer; Abigail Grace Tipton, Health Careers Explorer; Darrien Nicole Underwood, Equine Production; *Tyler Nicholas Weathers, Automotive Service Technician; Addie Welch, Veterinary Assistant; Gunner White, Emergency Medical Technician

            Bridge Creek – Alexa Alvarez, CADD; *Joshua Kernop, Cyber Security; Caden Rose, Cyber Security; Nathaniel Warner, Cyber Security; *Shane Lundy, Emergency Medical Technician; Brandi Stransky, Equine Production; Jeremia Lindsay, Graphic Design; *Kayla McElhaney, Graphic Design; *Lexy Beth Sweet, Health Careers Explorer; Ruby Isabella Bryant, Horticulture Technician; Kristopher Arrick Gardner, Horticulture Technician; Austin Stokes, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Lane Austin Mayhew, Multimedia Specialist; Laney Nicole Workman, Multimedia Specialist; Kale Flick, Residential HVAC Technician; Madison J. Glandon, Veterinary Assistant

            Byars – *Brayden Force, Cyber Security; Michael Ozment, Business Office Assistant

            Dibble – Cameron Bond Jones, Building & Property Maintenance; Kash Boyd, Industrial Robotics & Automation; *Melinda Case, Graphic Design; Drusilla Dale, Health Careers Explorer; *Irelan Nicole Downer, Health Careers Explorer; *Daliyah Fuentes, Therapeutic Health Careers; Hallie Caroline McGaha, Health Careers Explorer; *Taylor Nicole-Jade Nixon, Therapeutic Health Careers; Keeley Scott, Veterinary Assistant; Sabra Spieker, Pre-Nursing; Kadee Annamae Stephens, Health Careers Explorer; *Adam Mikel Testerman, Criminal Justice Officer; Zuri Destiny Eve Waggoner, Veterinary Assistant; Delcie Leeann Welch, Health Careers Explorer

            Edmond – Kalysta Anne Hinman, Equine Production

            Elmore City – *Becca Armstrong, Health Careers Explorer; Kalub Bailey, Cyber Security; Dillon Blackburn, Cyber Security; Ashtyn Burch, Emergency Medical Technician; Jonathan Christie, Graphic Design; *Hallee Cornelius, Cosmetologist; Levi Daniel, Graphic Design; *Dravin Etenburn, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Severin Gage Layton, Combination Welder; Bobby Brenden McKee, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Rylee Mischelle Reames, Health Careers Explorer; Adam Reed, Emergency Medical Technician; William Ty Smith, CADD

            Lexington – Brian Andrews, Residential HVAC Technician; Peyton Arnold, Combination Welder; *Jarrett Lynn Cole, Automotive Service Technician; Elexa LeaDon Collins, Therapeutic Health Careers; Andrew Dole, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Kalyn Douglas, Medical Office Assistant; Jayce Dunaway, Residential HVAC Technician; *Tyler J. Dunlap, Lineworker Technology; *Mason Fink, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Madison Faith Finley, Therapeutic Health Careers; *Brycen Neil Franks, Pre-Engineering; *Destiny Free, Emergency Medical Technician; Roberto Garcia, Medical Office Assistant; *Adeline Faith Gower, Health Careers Explorer; *Emma Grace Gower, Therapeutic Health Careers; Jordan Hardy, Veterinary Assistant; *Emma Hokett, Therapeutic Health Careers; Cameron Michael Holloway, Multimedia Specialist; Levi Dwight Holsonbake, Pre-Engineering; *Emily Kessler, Business Office Assistant; Turner King, Horticulture Technician; *Marisa Kaylynne Northrup, Therapeutic Health Careers; *Emilee Kaye Pierce, Health Careers Explorer; Madison Schoonover, Veterinary Assistant; *Elena N. Serrano, Equine Production; *Nick Smith, Pre-Nursing; Wyatt Smith, Cyber Security; Rebecca Snow, Health Careers Explorer; Sarah Renee Spratt, Business Office Assistant; Katheryn Swales, Graphic Design; Lydia Nicole Taylor, Horticulture Technician; Cilee Turner, Equine Production; Larry Urie, CNC Machinist

            Lindsay – Katrina Fay Adams, Health Careers Explorer; Aaron Allen, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Jose Beltran, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Joseph Lee Berryhill, Automotive Service Technician; *Chloe Broussard, Cosmetologist; Madison Caldwell, Health Careers Explorer; Angelica Dawn Carrasco, Business Office Assistant; Coleen Dawn Collins, Veterinary Assistant; Payton Crower, Cosmetologist;  Hulan Cunningham, Residential Carpentry; *Kaylee DaVoult, Health Careers Explorer; Elizabeth Duggins, Equine Production; Tyler Emery, CNC Machinist; *Brehana Polett Galindo-Gaytan, Health Careers Explorer; Alex Goucher, Automotive Service Technician; Colton Jo Hines, Combination Welder; Andrew Jestice, Automotive Service Technician; *Alexis Kerr, Cosmetologist; *Luke Knapp, Cyber Security; Cleve Knoles, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Kaylee Matie LeClerc, Therapeutic Health Careers; Alana M. Miller, Multimedia Specialist; Carmen Nieves, Health Careers Explorer; *Jonathan Jesus Rivera, Automotive Service Technician; *Owen Simonton, Automotive Service Technician; *Riley Jewel Snow, Health Careers Explorer; *Arisdey Guadalupe Valenciano, Health Careers Explorer; *Chelse White, Emergency Medical Technician; Priest Tyler Williams, Health Careers Explorer; Kristen Woodell, Emergency Medical Technician

            Little Axe – Scotty Anglemyer, Residential HVAC Technician; Drake Atkinson, Residential Carpentry; Colton Barrett, Combination Welder; Ayden Deford, Residential HVAC Technician; Bryan Doshier, Therapeutic Health Careers; Emma Duncan, Medical Office Assistant; Kialee Raylynn Foley, Criminal Justice Officer; *Aaliyah Fuller-Holmes, Cosmetologist; Jack Guillory, Residential HVAC Technician; Jordan Harris, Cyber Security; *Keira Hilton, Cosmetologist; Lilyan Olwert, Pre-Nursing; Neo Christian Primrose, Automotive Service Technician; Ryan Sample,  Cyber Security; Dylon David Scott, Automotive Service Technician; *Amanda Taylor, Pre-Nursing; Alexis Tipton, Pre-Nursing; *Izabella Woods, Health Careers Explorer

Maysville – Gavin Able-Harris, Graphic Design; Bo Green, Emergency Medical Technician; Brianna Hunter, Residential Carpentry; Payton Michelle Johnson, Health Careers Explorer; Kenny McCray, CNC Machinist; Heaven Smith, Cosmetologist

Newalla – *Kaylee Irons, Combination Collison Repair Technician; Lance Warden, Cyber Security

            Newcastle – *Nicole Aderhold, Horticulture Technician; Nicholas Aderhold, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Craig Akey, Jr., Combination Welder; Clay Brandon, Residential HVAC Technician; Carter Cavicchio, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Micaiah Chitwood, Health Careers Explorer; Jaelynne Eastep, Cosmetologist; Kolten Eaton, Cyber Security; *Landen Lee Goldston, Multimedia Specialist; Maddy Jewel Hickman, Health Careers Explorer; Tatum Housley, Health Careers Explorer; Trinity Hulsey, Cyber Security; David Johnson, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; *Mckynlee Mack, Cosmetologist; Rileigh Shea Martin, Veterinary Assistant; Tanner Mayo, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Mackenzie McConnell, Pre-Nursing; Kaden Morris, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Trailee Morton, Cosmetologist; Morgan R. Pittman, Cosmetologist-Practicing Master Instructor; Jasmin Regalado-Apodaca, Health Careers Explorer; *Eden Robles, Automotive Service Technician; *Chloe Sheriff, Veterinary Assistant; * Kealeigh Singley, Veterinary Assistant; Drake Smith, Cyber Security; Katlyn Steinhour, Health Careers Explorer; Aiden Thomas, Cyber Security; Rylie Tucker, Pre-Nursing; *Ashlyn Jenae Turner, Health Careers Explorer; Blake Walker, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Xavier Walker, CNC Machinist; *Ashlyn Brooke Ward, Pre-Engineering; Achaia Vanyelle Williams, Health Careers Explorer; Emma Ruth Wilson, Criminal Justice Officer; *Daisy Worden, Cosmetologist

Noble – Heylee Baldwin, Veterinary Assistant; *Andrew Ballard, Cyber Security; Ashton Barbee, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Colten Jacob Ray Barbee, Multimedia Specialist; Zacary Zane Bell, Combination Collision Repair Technician; *Emma Lynn Birch, Horticulture Technician; *Austin Ryan Bond, Therapeutic Health Careers; Kaydence Lee Brightwell, Health Careers Explorer; Codi Jo Burghardt, Veterinary Assistant; Madison Cramer, Graphic Design; Ashley Cullison, Cosmetologist; *Kraig Cunningham, Multimedia Specialist; *Madeline Delia Davis, Health Careers Explorer; Valentin Figueroa, Equine Production; Josiah M. Fitz, Combination Welder; Elizabeth Marie Gifford, Health Careers Explorer; Caleb Grady, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; *Alidia Hagen, Veterinary Assistant; *Juliet Sierra Eden Hanks, Veterinary Assistant; Bricen Chad Hemesley, Multimedia Specialist; *Bradly James Howell, Lineworker Technology; *Kurrstin Brooke Howell, Health Careers Explorer; *Isabel Iniguez-McGoveran, Health Careers Explorer; Carson Loeffler, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Wren Lowman, Multimedia Specialist; Nicole Marie Mahon, Health Careers Explorer; Christopher Meyer, Cyber Security; *Allison Mitchell, Cosmetologist; Tanner Moore, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Katelynn Faith Morgan, Equine Production; Clay Morris, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Jayden Bryce Opdyke, Automotive Service Technician; Harlyn Palmer, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Wayne Privett, Combination Welder; *Rylee Scott, Emergency Medical Technician; Shelby Shomate, Emergency Medical Technician; *Jazmyn Streun, Therapeutic Health Careers; *Emma Thompson, Cosmetologist; Ryan Williams, Graphic Design; James Womack, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; *Jonathan William Young, Combination Collision Repair Technician

Norman – *Harrison Benge, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Terri Holt, Emergency Medical Technician; Madisyn Hunter, Graphic Design

            Paoli – Marshall Ashley, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Macey Shayne Dehart, Multimedia Specialist; Briannah Ranae Martin, Health Careers Explorer; *Tyler Owensby, Cosmetologist; Alex Speerbrecher, Multimedia Specialist; Derek Allen Stewart, Multimedia Specialist; Kandace Louise Tudor, Multimedia Specialist

            Pauls Valley – Anijah Austin, Medical Office Assistant; Creed Baker, Residential HVAC Technician; Jordy Balderrama, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Celson Barahona, Emergency Medical Technician; *Elijah Barlow, Cyber Security; Natalie Sue Barlow, Health Careers Explorer; *Taylor Renee Barrett, Therapeutic Health Careers; *Taelyn McKaid Crowder, Veterinary Assistant; Jaiden Davis, Medical Office Assistant; *Alyssa Dunn, Cosmetologist; Nashoba Francis, Building & Property Maintenance; Michelle Gamble, Cosmetologist-Practicing Master Instructor; Gilberto Gonzalez, Residential HVAC Technician; Michael Gutierrez, CADD; Teegan Gayle Jones, Horticulture Technician; *Maisy Lewis, Cosmetologist; Itzel Lozano, Medical Office Assistant; *Emily Pettigrew, Cosmetologist; Joshua Reynolds, Residential Carpentry; *Luis Rincon, Veterinary Assistant; Arleth Argentina Rocha Vigas, Business Office Assistant; *Arely Rojas, Health Careers Explorer; Beau Seabolt, Residential Carpentry; Leo Sevilla, Cyber Security; Mary Shaw, Horticulture Technician; *Gabriel Layne Taylor, Lineworker Technology; *Monica Tumax-Lopez, Health Careers Explorer; Kaden Dale Vaccaro, Combination Welder; *Landin Trey Weilenman, Lineworker Technology, *Loren Wilkey, Cosmetologist; *Samuel Ellis Yates, Multimedia Specialist

Purcell – *Isaiyana Elyce Aleman, Therapeutic Health Careers; Collin P. Barnes, Lineworker Technology; Britton Birdsong, Residential HVAC Technician; Bailey Brennan, Veterinary Assistant; Payci Rain Constant, Health Careers Explorer, *Lincoln Fuller Eubank, Therapeutic Health Careers; Kaylee Field, Cosmetologist; Enrique Franco, Residential Carpentry; Denise Garanzuay, Therapeutic Health Careers; Andre Garcia, Business Office Assistant; Antonio Jose Garcia-Andrade, Equine Production; Cody Andrew Ham, Automotive Service Technician; *Madelyn “Winnie” Grace Hawley, Multimedia Specialist; Esperanza Merhrié Hurtado, Health Careers Explorer; *Hayden Wayne Ice, Pre-Engineering; Madalyn Paige King, Health Careers Explorer; Markus Anthony Lucero-Avila, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Avery Isabella Miller, Horticulture Technician; Kyle Andrew Morris, Horticulture Technician;*Kaylee Noelle Morrow, Criminal Justice Officer; Poi Munoz-Olguin, Criminal Justice Officer; Kiya Pierce, Emergency Medical Technician; Ashlee Pollard, Medical Office Assistant; *Jimena Portillo, Therapeutic Health Careers; Annistyn Raper, Cosmetologist; Genesis Reyes, Cosmetologist; Jesus Reynaga, Veterinary Assistant; Noelya Rivera, Emergency Medical Technician; Juliette Segoviano, Cosmetologist; *Noria Grace Stell, Therapeutic Health Careers; Hailey Thurston, Emergency Medical Technician; Alexandria Nicole Venegas, Horticulture Technician

Seminole – Jane Choate, Equine Production

Stratford – George Aguinaga, Medical Office Assistant; *Cami Busse, Emergency Medical Technician; *Tommy Lee Carotenuti, Automotive Service Technician; *Kaitlyn Dobbs, Cosmetologist; Blake English, Jr., Combination Welder; Jeffrey Garner, Industrial Robotics & Automation; MacKenzie Hicks, Graphic Design; John Mann, CNC Machinist; Hannah Montanez, Health Careers Explorer; *Launa Claire Raymo, Therapeutic Health Careers; *Jakob Savage, CNC Machinist; Ryleigh Mae Smith, Health Careers Explorer; Abigail May Stites, Criminal Justice Officer; Rita Lynn Tom, Health Careers Explorer; Daniel Welsh, CNC Machinist; Emma Elizabeth Wilkerson, Criminal Justice Officer; *Ethan Willingham, Residential HVAC Technician

Tuttle – *Miradith Larson, Health Careers Explorer

Wanette – Caitlin Rose Haggard, Equine Production; Zane Hulce, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Alexis Johnson, Pre-Nursing; Devin Jones, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Abigail Sue Oates, Combination Collision Repair Technician

            Washington – Alexia Balboa, Cosmetologist; Ashlynn R. Bray, Equine Production; Trinity Lynn Cassell, Therapeutic Health Careers; Danny Chavira, CNC Machinist; *Aubrey McKenzee Clark, Therapeutic Health Careers; Shelby Cline, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; *Jude London Cornelius, Pre-Engineering; Kingston Dode, Emergency Medical Technician;  Katelynn Elizabeth Gammill, Veterinary Assistant; Gage Goode, Emergency Medical Technician; Chance Gray, Residential HVAC Technician; Doc Harrison, CNC Machinist; *Hannah Holsey, Health Careers Explorer; Mason Charles Hunt, Health Careers Explorer; Abigail Elaine Keeler, Criminal Justice Officer; Grayson Mitchell, Residential HVAC Technician; *Julisa Montoya, Medical Office Assistant; Hunter Nash, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician;  Jeffrey Osburn, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Derrick Payne, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Caleb Wayne Pelton, Automotive Service Technician; *Isaiah Nathaniel Price-Tyler, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Sariah Rangel, Graphic Design; Aldo Reyes, Equine Production; George Heath Alden Roach, Automotive Service Technician; *Benjamin Roberson, Graphic Design; *Kacie Scrivner, Graphic Design; *Terry Simpson, Lineworker Technology; Cal Snow, Combination Welder; *Kyley Mae Wade, Health Careers Explorer; Jake Wells, Residential HVAC Technician

            Wayne – Chloe JoanGail Cheatwood, Health Careers Explorer; Wyatt J. Cody, Combination Collision Repair Technician; *Gracie Harris, Cosmetologist; Eli Hobson, Building & Property Maintenance; Emily Knapp, Pre-Nursing; Ryleigh McCarrell, Health Careers Explorer; Dakota Montgomery, Building & Property Maintenance; *Kloe Kay Overley, Health Careers Explorer; Lexie Owens, Equine Production; *Adrian Prieto, Combination Collision Repair Technician; *Alexa Daniela Rojas, Criminal Justice Officer; *Allison Nicole Ryan, Criminal Justice Officer; Madicyn Self, Health Careers Explorer; *Sadie Cheyenne Thomas, Health Careers Explorer; *Abby Kristine Watts, Health Careers Explorer; Maranda Youngwolfe, Pre-Nursing

            Wynnewood – Gracie Ione Corey, Health Careers Explorer; *Harlie Jo Anthony Corey, Criminal Justice Officer; *Rayna Doan, Cosmetologist; *Lydia Elaine Moore, Pre-Engineering; Ayla Perry, Health Careers Explorer; Valeria Pollard, Graphic Design; *Ethen Readnour, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Alice Jade Schroeder, Equine Production; John Paul Shaw, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Kayla Towler, Health Careers Explorer; Braxton Travis, Combination Welder; Kalyn Jewel Turner, Health Careers Explorer; Cody Unruh, Graphic Design

Outstanding Students:

Blanchard – Brenna Kitson, Pre-Nursing; Trinity Luther, Graphic Design; Kamdyn Lynn McKay, Health Careers Explorer; Nick Shupert, CADD

Bridge Creek – Laney Nicole Workman, Multimedia Specialist

Byars – Brayden Force, Cyber Security

Lexington – Emily Kessler, Business Office Assistant; Marisa Kaylynne Northrup, Therapeutic Heath Careers; Elena N. Serrano, Equine Production

Lindsey – Jose Beltran, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Andrew Jestice, Automotive Service Technician; Owen Simonton, Automotive Service Technician

Little Axe – Drake Atkinson, Residential Carpentry

Maysville – Gavin Able-Harris, Graphic Design; Brianna Hunter, Residential Carpentry

Newcastle – Nicole Aderhold, Horticulture Technician; Nicholas Aderhold, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Blake Walker, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant

Noble – Colten Jacob Ray Barbee, Multimedia Specialist; Emma Lynn Birch, Horticulture Technician; Caleb Grady, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Alidia Hagen, Veterinary Assistant; Isabel Iniguez-McGoveran, Health Careers Explorer; Rylee Scott, Emergency Medical Technician; Emma Thompson, Cosmetologist; Jonathan William Young, Combination Collision Repair Technician

Pauls Valley – Nashoba Francis, Building & Property Maintenance; Monica Tumax-Lopez, Health Careers Explorer

Purcell – Hayden Wayne Ice, Pre-Engineering; Jimena Portillo, Therapeutic Health Careers; Jesus Reynaga, Veterinary Assistant

Stratford – Cami Busse, Emergency Medical Technician

Wanette – Abigail Sue Oates, Combination Collision Repair Technician

Washington – Julisa Montoya, Medical Office Assistant; Derrick Payne, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Cal Snow, Combination Welder

Wayne – Maranda Youngwolfe, Pre-Nursing

Wynnewood – Harlie Jo Anthony Corey, Criminal Justice Officer

Perfect Attendance: 

Blanchard – John Hitt, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant

Dibble – Adam Mikel Testerman, Criminal Justice Officer

Lexington – Wyatt Smith, Cyber Security

Lindsay – Chelse White, Emergency Medical Technician

            Noble – Harlyn Palmer, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician

Pauls Valley – Teegan Gayle Jones, Horticulture Technician; Luis Rincon, Veterinary Assistant

StratfordwCami Busse, Emergency Medical Technician


*National Technical Honor Society Member

wPerfect Attendance for 2 years (2021-22 & 2022-23)