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Constitution Day in Networking Class

Posted Date: 11/12/2021

Constitution Day in Networking Class

Mr. Craft’s networking class started Constitution day by passing out copies of the Constitution. We then discussed what the Constitution meant to each of the students. The students looked over the different articles in the Constitution and had a class discussion. Mr. Craft challenged the students to a competition using Quiziz. They answered 25 questions at a controlled pace using the Instructor Paced method which allowed for discussion at the end of each round. Mr. Craft also challenged them to look up in the Constitution to be able to find answers to the questions.

At the end of the lesson, each student was presented with a certificate; first for the top three, and then a participation certificate for each of the students that completed the lesson.

Students had fun and became very competitive about the activity. Each student pushed to outdo the others. It was a lot of fun for them and the teacher. Each walked away with a new perspective and better understanding of what the Constitution does for all Americans.