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Dylan Moore from MATC Student to MDR Employee

Posted Date: 02/21/2022

Dylan Moore from MATC Student to MDR Employee

Dylan Moore is the first student from MATC’s inaugural Lineworker Technology class to become employed using the skills he learned in the class, and who would have thought it all started with a Facebook post.

Dylan Moore saw a post on Facebook about a new class at Mid-America Technology Center thought he’d take a chance and enrolled in the inaugural Lineworker Technology class.  He took this leap of faith, and now he knows this was the right decision for him.

Always ready to face a new challenge, Dylan said this class seemed to fit the bill. Plus, he likes money, another positive check for this career, and he might even have the opportunity to travel a little. He said, “This sounds like a good deal for a 21-year-old from Elmore City.”

Dylan took full advantage of everything his teacher, Mr. Bruce Beam, had to offer in the class, and as a result of his ‘meet the challenge head-on’ attitude, Dylan advanced quickly and gained the knowledge and skills to become a highly sought-after employee.

Mr. Beam said, “Dylan is a good student with a great attitude and always came to class ready to learn.”

Not being one to let the grass grow under his feet, Dylan is also a Specialist E-4 in the US Army Reserves. As a matter of fact, Dylan’s sergeant is the person who told him about the job and helped him get hired at MDR in Stillwater.

He is excited about starting his new career with MDR at a starting salary of $22/hour, especially with the prospect of a $2/hour raise after two months, for just coming to work every day on time, working hard, and doing his job. Dylan’s last day of Lineworker class was Friday, and he started work Monday.

When asked if he had anything else to say, Dylan said, “I’m just ready to see Stillwater and get to work!”