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Condition Orange


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MATC Classrooms, Labs, and Meeting Rooms

Buildings, classrooms, labs, shops, meeting rooms, and outdoor workspaces will only be available for students enrolled in programs that normally utilize those areas for training and simulated workspace.  Collaborative training projects between classes and training outside of customary areas will need prior approval by MATC administration.  Classes, labs, and shops will have seating charts and predetermined workspaces.  Buildings, classrooms, labs, shops, meeting rooms, and outdoor workspaces will not be available for outside groups.  Students may be checked for fever (100.4) for entry into a classroom.  

MATC Break Room

MATC’s break room will be open to serve food from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. During class/break time, students will not be allowed to take breaks in the break room but will take a break in their designated break area practicing social distancing. Classes will order food and send 1 or 2 students to pick it up at their designated time. Masks are required in the break room. Teachers will not travel with students to pick up food.  During lunch, seating will be limited to 20 people, with social distancing required. Masks will be worn except for when eating.  

MATC Academic Classes

Academic classes: Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra II, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology- will begin meeting August 19 in their classrooms.  Students traveling to Academic Classes are required to wear their student ID and a mask.  The academic class teachers will put out a schedule of class times prior to August 19. 


MATC’s attendance policy will be enforced. Students who have been exposed, have a positive test, or are symptomatic with COVID 19 will be encouraged to initiate MATC’s Distance Learning Plan during their quarantine.  If necessary due to state-mandated or local school closures, MATC programs may implement the Distance Learning Plan for students, programs, and/or schools affected.   

MATC Academic Center

Classes will begin attending the Academic Center on August 20. Students traveling to the Academic Center are required to wear their student ID and a mask.  Teachers will be given a schedule of meeting times prior to August 20.  

Work-Based Education

MATC students will continue to work in both MATC simulated and approved off-site work experiences. Students will follow both MATC and business/facility PPE and safety protocols. 


Visitors must have prior approval by an administrator and by appointment only.  Visitors to the campus will be required to answer a health questionnaire and have their temperature taken prior to signing in at the front office to receive a Visitor's Badge and mask.  

Buses and Transportation

MATC buses will continue to run to each of our sending schools according to schedule. Masks must be worn by all passengers, and drivers must wear a mask when passengers are in the vehicle. Students riding MATC buses must be listed on the bus roster, sit in assigned seats, and wear a mask to board and ride the bus.  Disposable masks will be available on each bus.  When reasonable, students are encouraged to social distance on the bus. Students who are symptomatic, or have been exposed to COVID should not board the bus.  Students may be checked for fever (100.4) prior to being allowed on the bus.  

Masks—for Conditions Yellow and Orange 

1.    MATC will provide re-usable fabric masks for all students and staff.
2.    All individuals will be required to wear approved fabric or disposable surgical-style masks, or gaiters, that cover their nose and mouth.  Face shields or other coverings must be approved. Bandanas and scarves are not acceptable.
3.    Masks are required for entry into any MATC building and bus.
4.    Masks are required in hallways and common areas.
5.    Students are encouraged to provide their own masks. If needed, initial masks will be provided by MATC. Additional cloth and disposable masks will be made available for sale.
6.    With teacher approval, students working in outdoor areas may remove masks while they are working and proper social distancing is in place.
7.    With teacher approval, students may remove masks while they are in their own enclosed private workspace with no one else present, or when performing assignments in a constant unchanging location with intentional spacing of 6 feet or more.
8.    Fabric masks should be washed and fully dried after each day’s wear, and it is each student's responsibility to ensure that their mask is sanitized appropriately
9.    If a student indicates compliance with MATC’s mask policy is not possible due to medical reasons, the student should be referred to student services and provide appropriate documentation from a medical provider.

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