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Student Services

The purpose and goal of the MATC Student Services Department is to provide all students, high school and adult, with information and advisement about career and educational options, and to enhance their educational achievement.  All students are placed in programs on the basis of interest, ability to benefit, plan of study and/or input from sending schools or agencies.  Strategies have been developed to support the success of multi-culturally diverse populations in our programs.  Specials provisions are also made for assistance and follow-up on at-risk students.

All students have an individual career plan of study on file.  This plan is accessible to each student and can be reviewed and updated at any time.  Student portfolios and counseling regarding cooperative agreements, alliances, and industry certification is also available.

All students with disabilities have an appropriate accommodation plan which has been developed through the cooperative efforts of the technology center and the sending school and/or agencies.   MATC has established policies regarding disclosure as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

For more information, please call Christi Potter at 572-215-2060.

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