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Poly Pipe Heat Fusion

Poly Pipe Heat Fusion Operations

The pipe fusion process joins two pieces of thermoplastic pipe together using heat and pressure. While commonly associated with high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE), Poly Fusion Worker Photothe machines are capable of fusing or welding a variety of different types and sizes of pipe.  These processes are commonly used in the gas industry, but training can be used for employees in municipalities, water distribution systems, plumbing systems, and various other industries.

With an increasing number of contractors and operating companies requiring Poly Pipe Heat Fusion credentials to gain access to job-sites, trainees in this trade will have no problem finding well-paid employment.

Scheduled Poly Pipe Heat Fusion classes are scheduled throughout the year through our Adult Education Program or call Bruce Bridwell (405) 449-7621 to customize a class specifically for your company employees.

Poly Pipe Heat Fusion Program TopicsPolyfusion

Butt Fusion Welding is the process of two pipe-ends brought into contact with a heating element. After the removal of the element, the molten pipe-ends are pressed together – creating a monolithic entity. Heat fusion joining is a leak-proof process and the most common joining method of HDPE and FPVC. The internal bead of butt-fused HDPE or FPVC piping systems does not influence the flow rate and pressure of the pipe system.

Electro-Fusion Welding is another HDPE jointing method, where two pipe-ends are fitted and melted into an electro-socket. A heating coil integrated into the electro-socket melts the material surrounding the coils and becomes part of the pipes inserted into the ends of the socket. After cooling, leak-proof joint forms. Flange joints are also suitable for the transition to other pipe materials and for the integration of accessories into the piping system. We use Central Plastics and Friatec Electrofusion couplings and processors.

Saddle Fusion is used to join service saddles, tapping tees and branch saddles to a Polyethylene pipe main. When joining a fitting to a pressurized main, the possibility Poly Fusion Welding Pictureof the main pipe blowout increases when internal main pipe pressure is higher or when the temperature of the main pipe is elevated.PolyPhoto_McElroy

Socket Fusion welding is a widely used technique for assembling plastics piping systems using injection molded fittings. Operating principles are straightforward, the welding cycle essentially consisting of a heating phase and a cooling/welding phase.

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