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2019 Freedom of Expression Report


TO:               Governor Kevin Stitt

Representative Charles McCall, Speaker of the House

Greg Treat, Senate Pro Tempore

FROM:             Dusty Ricks, Superintendent

SUBJECT:         SB 361, Freedom of Expression Annual Report

DATE:              December 20, 2019

This correspondence is in response to the requirements of SB 361.  The following actions have been taken to establish compliance:

  • A Freedom of Expression policy will be approved by the Mid America Technology Center Board of Education in compliance with the new law.  A copy of this policy is attached.
  • Freedom of Expression policy has been posted on our website,  This posting is:
    • Accessible by not more than three links;
    • Searchable by key words and phrases;
    • Accessible to the public without requiring registration or use of a user name, password or another user identification. 

Mid America Technology Center has not established any zones that limit free speech, has no barriers to free expression, and has experienced no incidents or disruption occurring on its campuses linked to free speech issues.  Furthermore, there have been no attempts to block or prohibit speakers and there have been no attempts to investigate students or student organizations for their speech.