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Academic Center

Welcome to the MATC Academic Center

The Academic Center strives to give students the resources and tools necessary to successfully gain employment in the current job market.

Things Students Can Expect From the Academic Center.

Students will work towards a National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC). 

The NCRC WorkKeys Certification is issued through ACT.  This certification gives the students more employability by giving them a tangible document showing their Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Document skills.  These are the soft skills most employers feel are necessary to be productive in the workplace.  Many employers throughout the state of Oklahoma and the United States are now requiring the NCRC WorkKeys Certification to be considered as an applicant for employment.

Students have several opportunities during the school year to build a resume in the Academic Center.

Students can explore the limitless job market through Oklahoma Career Guide. MATC tries to expose students to the job market well beyond his/her surrounding environment.

Useful Websites

Sample Resume

WorkKeys Information

OK Career Guide

Math Problem Solver

Math Formulas & Tables

ACT Practice Tests

Math Games

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