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Mid-America Technology Center Congratulates 2020 Program Completers

Posted Date: 06/29/2020

Mid-America Technology Center Congratulates 2020 Program Completers

Mid-America Technology Center would like to congratulate and recognize those students who have completed their technical programs in 2020, received the Outstanding Student awards, and those who achieved Perfect Attendance.

These students, living through unprecedented times, persevered and completed their course work gaining valuable employability skills.

Students Receiving Certificates of Completion:

Ada – Ashton Arlene Glover, Equine Production

Blanchard – Cristopher Baker, Graphic Design; †Robert Ball, Network Systems Technician; Victoria Berryman, Health Careers Explore; Rayden Bewley, Cyber Security; †Gabrielle Booth, Health Careers Explore; Zachary Brumley, Cyber Security; Samantha Carrel, Medical Office Assistant; Jordan Clanton, Automotive Service Technician; Rodney Connywerdy, Combination Collision Repair Technician; †Joshua Dodd, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Colistia Dodd, Pre-Nursing; Samantha Goins, Health Careers Explore; Jacob Hahn, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Titus Haworth, Multimedia Specialist; Ray Horn, CADD; †Jeremy Hurt, Multimedia Specialist; †Victoria Jackson, Health Careers Explore; Robbie Lee, Therapeutic Health Careers; †Crystal Luna, Health Careers Explore; Houston Madden, Residential HVAC Technician; †Jozie Meadows, Pre-Nursing; †Nataleigh Morgan, Therapeutic Health Careers; Joseph Moulton, Combination Welder; †Andre Pomerantz, Cyber Security; †Kaiya Rollin, Criminal Justice Officer; Maria Salazar, Medical Office Assistant; Avery Schneringer, Cosmetologist; Delayni Schwerdtfeger, Cosmetologist; Brayden Shedrick, Graphic Design; †Dalton Smith, Network Systems Technician; Hayli Steele, Health Careers Explore; Ragan Stewart, CADD; Daniel Thompson, Audio Visual Integration; Drake Thompson, Multimedia Specialist; Miakoda Underwood, Equine Production; Hailey Vaught, Health Careers Explore; Aubrey Vocal, Health Careers Explore; Kailey White, Health Careers Explore; Jett Williams, Pre-Engineering; Madelyn Withers, CADD; Jordan Wynne, Mechatronics

Bridge Creek – Jayden Agee, Cyber Security; Curtis Crowell, Automotive Service Technician; Erin De Leon, Criminal Justice Officer; Madison Fitzgerald, Criminal Justice Officer; Christine Graham, Criminal Justice Officer; Nicholas McQuigg, Health Careers Explore; Savannah Phillips, Health Careers Explore; Alexandra Phillips, Health Careers Explore; †Destiny Sandlin, Horticulture Technician; Kaelan Stokes, Cosmetologist; Natalie Talmadge, Health Careers Explore; †Kaitlyn Welch, Automotive Service Technician; Georgia Word, Cosmetologist

Byars – †Haddon A. Tyler, Multimedia Specialist

Dibble – Ranie Bumgarner, Horticulture Technician; †Modesta Carpio, Therapeutic Health Careers; †James Dover, Health Careers Explore; Doris Briana Fortney, Health Careers Explore; Alisa Garrett, Pre-Nursing; Gavin Harp, Cyber Security; †Aspen James, Equine Production; Brittany Johnson, Criminal Justice Officer; Alayna McDonald, Cosmetologist; Jianna Moore, Health Careers Explore; Colton Pickett, Audio Visual Integration; Jason Pickett, Therapeutic Health Careers; Kenneth K.J. Shelton, Pre-Engineering; Jake Speaks, Health Careers Explore, †Jason Stevens, Automotive Service Technician

Elmore City – Cody Cole, Residential Carpentry; Tucker Coppin, Audio Visual Integration; Kellie Edwards, Pre-Nursing; Shaylin Gonzalez, Master Instructor; †Cecilia Harrison, Graphic Design; Shawn Hickerson, Combination Welder; Casen Lauderdale, Graphic Design; †Isa Luker, Health Careers Explore; Blake Potts, Multimedia Specialist; † Dani-Cate Reed, Health Careers Explore; †Ashton Shebester, Emergency Medical Technician; Josiah Shebester, Pre-Engineering; Denver Smith, Network Systems Technician; Josh Travis, CADD; William Wilkerson, Residential Carpentry

Lexington – Ali Babcock, Automotive Service Technician; Grant Bowling, Automotive Service Technician; Alyssa Brown, Health Careers Explore; Josue Calixto, Therapeutic HealthCareers; Carley Carter, Horticulture Technician; †Paige Clark, Criminal Justice Officer; †Kaden Claunch, Pre-Engineering; Nathan Clegg, Pre-Engineering; Madison Cline, Equine Production; Kelsie Cormany, Therapeutic Health Careers; Mayson Dunaway, Residential HVAC Technician; Presley Eikenbary, Combination Welder; Kasadie Fielder, Therapeutic Health Careers; Levi Free, Combination Welder; **Ryan Fulton, Horticulture Technician; Debra Geiger, Medical Office Assistant; Isaac Gower, Pre-Engineering; Ryan Haswell, Audio Visual Integration; Laureisa Henderson, Health Careers Explore; Cassandra Huerta, Criminal Justice Officer; †Destiny Humbolt, Health Careers Explore; Zachary Johnson, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Jerry Jones, Combination Collision Repair Technician; †Brooklyn King, Therapeutic Health Careers; Kenzie Lawson, Emergency Medical Technician; Berkley Lucas, Cosmetologist; Toby Madden, Pre-Engineering; Sihaya McAlpine, Graphic Design; Trevor Meadows, Network Systems Technician; Dustin Mowery, Residential Carpentry; Carla Munoz, Therapeutic Health Careers; Zuriel Ocampo, Pre-Engineering; Yesenia Orta, Medical Office Assistant; Sierrasky Petit, Therapeutic Health Careers; Randolph Powers, Residential Carpentry; †Chariti Ramsey, Health Careers Explore; **Estefania   Ruiz, Health Careers Explore; Harley Salisbury, Health Careers Explore; Mckenzie Smith, Health Careers Explore; Regan Smith, Criminal Justice Officer; Titus Smith, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Kylee Spencer, Therapeutic Health Careers; Colton Turner, Residential HVAC Technician; Destiny Unrein, Graphic Design; **Kyle Wilkey, Pre-Engineering; Rylee Withee, Horticulture Technician

Lindsay – Calvin Collins, Automotive Service Technician; Destiny Dover, Health Careers Explore; †James Dudgeon, Automotive Service Technician; Dakota Dutton, Graphic Design; †Remington Fitch, Automotive Service Technician; Makayla Huff, Health Careers Explore; †Jadyn Jordan; Therapeutic Health Careers; Bryson Laney, Emergency Medical Technician; †Hannah Mack, Therapeutic Health Careers; Hannah Maney, Health Careers Explore; Haylee Medillin, Emergency Medical Technician; Joshua Nail, Building & Grounds Maintenance; †Brock Roady, Combination Welder; Tori Shinton, Pre-Engineering; *Stephen Singleton, Automotive Service Technician; Jeffrey Brooks Tigert, Automotive Service Technician

Little Axe – Madison Bell, Therapeutic Health Careers; Zechariah James Butler, Automotive Service Technician; Kaley Campbell, Multimedia Specialist; †Sandra De Loera, Health Careers Explore; Melissa De Loera Montoya, Automotive Service Technician; Weston Early, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Kylee Gable, Health Careers Explore; †Dalton Harmdierks, Building & Grounds Maintenance; Alexander Jackson, Automotive Service Technician; Alyca Johnson, Health Careers Explore; Kevin Knox, Cyber Security; †Chloe Miller, Medical Office Assistant; Cody Sample, Building & Grounds Maintenance; Aaron Seay, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; *Kyle Shuck, Automotive Service Technician; Abrianna Smith, Health Careers Explore; †Ainsleighe Vardaman, Health Careers Explore; Kayla Weir, Mechatronics; Tryndon Woods, CADD

Maysville – Jaycee DaVoult, Health Careers Explore; Joshua Gilliam, Combination Welder; Zachary Jones, Residential HVAC Technician; †Grace Mize, Emergency Medical Technician; †Trenton Taylor, Residential Carpentry

McCloud – Rebekah Shinn, Medical Office Assistant

Moore – Colton L. Furr, Residential HVAC Technician

Newalla – Breanna Gordon, Cosmetologist; †**Ozmond Wahpekeche, Cyber Security

Newcastle – David Branum, Residential Carpentry; Joshua Dawsey, Audio Visual Integration; Breanna Escobosa, Health Careers Explore; Cayden Evans, CADD; Austin Garrison, Combination Welder; Tommy Hair, Automotive Service Technician; Brenda Hernandez, Health Careers Explore; Travis Hill, Residential HVAC Technician; Andrew Ivy, Combination Welder; Mackenzie Jones, Health Careers Explore; Konher Kirkes, Mechatronics; †Kaleb Kirkwood, Criminal Justice Officer; †**Jayda Ladd, Cosmetologist; Calvin Long, Automotive Service Technician; Lacy McCann, Health Careers Explore; Madelynn Meeks, Pre-Engineering; Braxton Mestas, Residential Carpentry; †Madeline Rimmer, Pre-Nursing; Kaylee Shope, Health Careers Explore; Morgan Shores, Cosmetologist; Jacob Smith, Mechatronic; Kalynn Stephens, Health Careers Explore; †Rachael Treat, Emergency Medical Technician; Ray Voeks, Automotive Service Technician; Madison Wilson, Cosmetologist

Noble – †Nichole Aday, Cosmetologist; Elizabeth Alexander, Health Careers Explore; Colton Amrein, Emergency Medical Technician; Kaiven Ayers, Emergency Medical Technician; Hannah Baker; Health Careers Explore; †Angel Ellis, Health Careers Explore; Luis Estrada, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Tyler Freeman, Residential HVAC Technician; Taylor French, Therapeutic Health Careers; George Gray, Combination Collison Repair Technician; Sakura Henderson, Health Careers Explore; Tristan King, Combination Welder; Ana Leal, Horticulture Technician; Andrew Logan, Cyber Security; Santana Lopez, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; †Alma Martinez, Therapeutic Health Careers; Madison McKesson, Cosmetologist; Aaron Miller, Emergency Medical Technician; †Alissa Morgan, Cyber Security; Savannah Morris, Health Careers Explore; †Makayla Pope, Horticulture Technician; †Sean Reynolds, Automotive Service Technician; Rylee Roberts, Health Careers Explore; Donna Schadegg, Medical Office Assistant; Brieona Scott, Health Careers Explore; Ethan Scott, Cyber Security; Dorothy Shelton, Health Careers Explore; Avery Sherman, Emergency Medical Technician; Neeley Sorrels, Health Careers Explore; Samantha Stewart, Medical Office Assistant; Zion Stormer, Cyber Security; Macaylee Turpin, Health Careers Explore; Taylor Whitman, Pre-Nursing     

Norman – Levi Boxley, Medium/Heavy Diesel Technician; Matthew Ellis, Combination Collision Repair Technician

Oklahoma City – Hunter Ballard, CNC Machinist

Paoli – Brandy Baxter, Health Careers Explore; †*Zoee Burleson, Cosmetologist; Jose Charqueno, Emergency Medical Technician; Kara Deaver, Medical Office Assistant; †Lanie Deaver, Health Careers Explore; †*Keely Henderson, Therapeutic Health Careers; Jonathan Reynolds, Health Careers Explore

Pauls Valley – Jacoby Beams, Automotive Service Technician; Stacey Billings, Hospitality Service Assistant; Skye Bounds, Emergency Medical Technician; Kevin CruzVidal, Combination Welder; †Andy Duarte, Automotive Service Technician; Crystal Garduno, Pre-Nursing; Donald Hancock, Building & Grounds Maintenance; †Micayla Martinez, Therapeutic Health Careers; Danny Miranda, Cyber Security; Rickydale Morrison, Building & Grounds Maintenance; Jesus Ramirez Sifeuntes, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; †Matthew Webster, Criminal Justice Officer; Alecia White, Hospitality Service Assistant         

Purcell – †Samantha Ardery, Health Careers Explore; †Trevor Atnip, Multimedia Specialist; Fernando Auz, Combination Welder; †Jaden Bise, Multimedia Specialist; Kearin Comer, Residential Carpentry; Kinley Croslin, Health Careers Explore; Savannah Curtiss, Cosmetologist; Kyla Deaton, Therapeutic Health Careers; Jedidiah Elmore, Hospitality Service Assistant; Gunner Fink, Emergency Medical Technician; Tellia Gatewood, Criminal Justice Officer; Rachel Goad, Criminal Justice Officer; McKenzie Ham, Pre-Nursing; †Logan Helton, Horticulture Technician; Agustin Hernandez, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Marshall Hoffman, Automotive Service Technician; Klayton Hughes, Residential Carpentry; Dustin James, Residential Carpentry; Cheyenne Jeter, Horticulture Technician; Victoria Johnson, Health Careers Explore; Lucas Jones, Residential HVAC Technician; †Laynie Kroth, Therapeutic Health Careers; Francisco Martinez, CADD; Jose Myury, Residential HVAC Technician; †Alexis Perez, Health Careers Explore; Justin Ramirez, CNC Machinist; Lauren Selfridge, Equine Production; Chloe Tarango, Therapeutic Health Careers; Anna Taylor, Health Careers Explore; Landon Taylor, Multimedia Specialist; Brian Townsend, Emergency Medical Technician; Samanta Vargas-Camacho, Criminal Justice Officer

Roff – Caleb Clemmer, Building & Grounds Maintenance

Stratford – †*Jennifer Alberson, Health Careers Explore; Camberlynn Borys, Combination Welder; Shaun Culwell, Residential Carpentry; Destiny Danley, Health Careers Explore; Rey Guerrero, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Danielle Ingram, Health Careers Explore; †Rayna Kenney, Health Careers Explore; Brody McLean, Health Careers Explore; Olivia Norton, Multimedia Specialist; Abbigail Phelps, Health Careers Explore; Timothy Reed, Residential HVAC Technician; Mark Shepherd, Cyber Security; Sari Wade, Medical Office Assistant

Wanette – Chris Admire, Building & Grounds Maintenance; Briana Bettis, Multimedia Specialist; Mya Forman, Automotive Service Technician; Ari Oats, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Mason Underwood, Residential Carpentry; Dakota Wilson, Combination Welder

Washington – Alberto Aguirre, Mechatronics; Angela Barnes, Health Careers Explore; Logan Bennett, Cyber Security; Logan Blandamer, CADD; Conner Bruce, Cyber Security; Dawson Cary, Health Careers Explore; Taylor Cole, Cosmetologist; Steven Flora, Pre-Engineering; Brennan Hale, CNC Machinist;  Caleb Haynes, Cyber Security; †Juleana Hyde, Pre-Nursing; Dakota McKenzie, Cyber Security; Victoria Robbins, Emergency Medical Technician; Kenzie Schultz, Health Careers Explore; Thomas Self, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Dale Sherrick, CNC Machinist; Grace Singletary, Cosmetologist; Lance Spaulding, Combination Welder; Lucas Steele, Therapeutic Health Careers; Kelli Stevens, Master Instructor; Branden Woodward, Mechatronics

Wayne – Jason Alvarado, Pre-Engineering; †Kaitlyn Freeland, Multimedia Specialist; †Antonio Fuentes, Residential Carpentry; Jacob Hubers, Audio Visual Integration; Maddison Knapp, Health Careers Explore; †Macy Mills, Health Careers Explore; Keston Rizzo, Residential Carpentry; Kaylynn Ryan, Pre-Nursing; Britney Taliaferro, Cosmetologist; J.J. Weaver, Combination Welder; Haylie Williams, Pre-Nursing

Wynnewood – Rene Gallegos, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Nathan Garcia, Residential Carpentry; Jaylee Giambaresi, Health Careers Explore; Cydney Hays, Health Careers Explore; †Presley Hays, Automotive Service Technician; Devin Hornbeck, Health Careers Explore; Jaycee Imel, Equine Production; †Brendon McCarty, Emergency Medical Technician; Ashley Neeley, Emergency Medical Technician; Averie Penwell, Health Careers Explore; †Shaylee Presgrove, Health Careers Explore; Brannum Townsend, Criminal Justice Officer; Jestin Wright, Residential HVAC Technician

Outstanding Students:

Blanchard – †Robert Ball, Network Systems Technician; Rayden Bewley, Cyber Security; Samantha Carrel, Medical Office Assistant; Rodney Connywerdy, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Jacob Hahn, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Kaiya Rollin, Criminal Justice Officer; Brayden Shedrick, Graphic Design; †Dalton Smith, Network Systems Technician; Madelyn Withers, CADD; Jordan Wynn, Mechatronics

Bridge Creek – †Destiny Sandlin, Horticulture Technician

Byars – †Haddon A. Tyler, Multimedia Specialist

Dibble – †Aspen James, Equine Production

Lexington – Presley Eikenbary, Combination Welder; Levi Free, Combination Welder; Debra Geiger, Medical Office Assistant; Colton Turner, Residential HVAC Technician

Lindsay – Dakota Dutton, Graphic Design

Little Axe – Cody Sample, Building & Grounds Maintenance

Newcastle – Cayden Evans, CADD; Konher Kirkes, Mechatronics; †**Jayda Ladd, Cosmetologist; Madelynn Meeks, Pre-Engineering;

Noble – †Alissa Morgan, Cyber Security; Savannah Morris, Health Careers Explore; Taylor Whitman, Pre-Nursing

Paoli – Lanie Deaver, Health Careers Explore; †*Keely Henderson, Therapeutic Health Careers

Pauls Valley – Skye Bounds, Emergency Medical Technician; †Micayla Martinez, Therapeutic Health Careers; †Matthew Webster, Criminal Justice Officer; Alecia White, Hospitality Service Assistant

Purcell – †Trevor Atnip, Multimedia Specialist; Lucas Jones, Residential HVAC Technician; Justin Ramirez, CNC Machinist; Brian Townsend, Emergency Medical Technician

Stratford - †*Jennifer Alberson, Health Careers Explore; Rey Guerrero, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant

Wanette – Chris Admire, Building & Grounds Maintenance; Mya Forman, Automotive Service Technician

Wayne – Antonio Fuentes, Residential Carpentry; Jacob Hubers, Audio Visual Integration

Wynnewood – Rene Gallegos, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Shaylee Presgrove, Health Careers Explore

Perfect Attendance: 

Lexington**Ryan Fulton, Horticulture Technician; **Estefania Ruiz, Cosmetology; **Kyle Wilkey, Pre-Engineering

Lindsay – Caleb Mottinger, Cyber Security; Kourtney Smith, Residential Carpentry

Meeker – Molly White, Equine Production

Newalla**Ozmond Wahpekeche, Cyber Security

Newcastle – †**Jayda Ladd, Cosmetology

Paoli – Zoee Burleson, Cosmetologist; Keely Henderson, Therapeutic Health Careers

Purcell – Blakeleigh Bennett, Cosmetologist

Stratford – Jennifer Alberson, Health Careers Explore

National Technical Honor Society Member

*Perfect Attendance for 1 year (2019-20)

**Perfect Attendance for 2 years (2018-19 & 2019-20)