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Mid-America Technology Center Honors Students at Virtual Awards Ceremony

Posted Date: 06/11/2021

Mid-America Technology Center Honors Students at Virtual Awards Ceremony

Mid-America Technology Center honored the following students at the 2021 Virtual Awards Ceremony with Certificates of Completion, Outstanding Student awards, and Perfect Attendance certificates.

Mid-America faculty and staff would like to join family and friends in congratulating these students for their dedication, perseverance, and accomplishments in this unprecedented year.

Students Receiving Certificates of Completion:

Blanchard – Bailey Adams, Health Careers Explorer; Carson Ballard, Network Systems Technician; Paula Jeneva Beller, Equine Production; Victoria Berryman, Veterinary Assistant; Milla Bishop, Health Careers Explorer; London Black Hernandez, Health Careers Explorer; Gabrielle M. Booth, Emergency Medical Technician; Alyssa K. Brown, Pre-Nursing; Damon K. Burger, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Danielle Lynn Melody Burrows, Veterinary Assistant; Jacob Childers, Mechatronics; Giulianna Cipolletta, Cosmetologist; Seth Combs, Criminal Justice Officer; Samarah Densmore, Therapeutic Health Careers; Carson Thomas Dewberry, Residential HVAC Technician; Trapper E. Dunn, Automotive Service Technician; Brock Dunning, Residential Carpentry; Chance Kristian Elliott, Automotive Service Technician; Shane Austin Foster, Graphic Design; Ciera Garst, Horticulture Technician; Makaelynn Gravitt, Therapeutic Health Careers; Cameron Aurelio Guerrero, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Ashton Harrington, Criminal Justice Officer; Dylan Hendriks, Mechatronics; Chloe R. Henry, Graphic Design; Nolan C. Hibdon, Graphic Design; Karlie Holmes, Health Careers Explorer; Lorian Hulse, Health Careers Explorer; Jacob M. Hurst, Combination Welder; Victoria Jackson, Veterinary Assistant; Kayden Kephart, Mechatronics; Robbie M. Lee, Emergency Medical Technician; Shelbylynn Cromwell McCasland, Equine Production; Alyson McCune, Veterinary Assistant; Jordan B. McDonald, Equine Production; Wyatt L. Mize, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Heidi Musick, Cosmetologist; Morgan Newcity, Therapeutic Heath Careers; Taylon Northington, Audio Visual Integration; Emily Palmer, Veterinary Assistant; Masyn Nicole Pannell, Veterinary Assistant; John Parker, Audio Visual Integration; Katherine Ann Pearcy, Veterinary Assistant; Alexandra A. Phillips, Emergency Medical Technician; Juan Rea, Mechatronics; Jessalyn Romero, Health Careers Explorer; Nicholas Z. Ross, Graphic Design; Sydney Danielle Semmler, Emergency Medical Technician; Cory A. Shelton, Residential HVAC Technician; Karah Marie Silk, Graphic Design; Colby G. Smith, Graphic Design; Belinda Stumblingbear, Cyber Security; Ramsey Thompson, Cyber Security; Matthew D. Wright, Criminal Justice Officer

            Bridge Creek – Jeffrey Bateman, Cyber Security; Jadyn Carlton, Health Careers Explorer; Ciera Conner, Cosmetologist; Colton Davis, Network Systems Technician; Robert O. Gardner, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Jayden Gregg, Health Careers Explorer; Shalee Holsey, Health Careers Explorer; Genesis Taya Lane, Cosmetologist; Jose Guadalupe Marin, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Shane Thomas McDaniel, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Devin Mitchell, Combination Welder; Joshua Nathan Mitchell, Automotive Service Technician; Josue Israel Ojeda, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Elizabeth Polesky, Health Careers Explorer; Blake T. Reince, Network Systems Technician; Cianna Rose Rich, Veterinary Assistant; Krystian Robinson, Criminal Justice Officer; Gage Sanders, Criminal Justice Officer; Hunter Sanders, Criminal Justice Officer; Benjamin C. Shelden, Residential HVAC Technician; David Colton Smith, Residential HVAC Technician; Natalie Denaia Talmadge, Emergency Medical Technician; Kenyon T. Tollison, Therapeutic Health Careers

            Byars - Matthew Fulton, Network Systems Technician; Charles Hawkins, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician

            Dibble – Stormie Cosby, Mechatronics; Sabrina Crites, Criminal Justice Officer; Eduardo Cruz, Cyber Security; James Robert Dover, Pre-Nursing; Blaine Downey, Heath Careers Explorer; Carlos Facio, Combination Welder; Trynden Garrett, Criminal Justice Officer; Braden Gomme, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Brandon Hine, Cyber Security; Bodey Keeler, Mechatronics; Courtlynn Mitchell, Health Careers Explorer; Faith McKenzie Mize, Multimedia Specialist; Lillian Nixon, Cyber Security; America Dawne Nunnelee, Graphic Design; Adelaida Perez, Medical Office Assistant; Joaquin Julian Rea, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Faith Romo, CADD; Preston Sires, Mechatronics; Vanessa Isabel Talavera, Medical Office Assistant; Levi E. Tate, Residential HVAC Technician; Yakelyn Velasco, Medical Office Assistant

            Elmore City – Clay W. Bennett, Combination Welder; Ryan Burch, Therapeutic Health Careers; Chastady Campbell, Health Careers Explorer; Taylor Clark, Heath Careers Explorer; Kaden M. Crawford, Therapeutic Health Careers; Abby Hickerson, Cosmetologist; Lacie Sherrill, Health Careers Explorer; Skylar Sherrill, Health Careers Explorer; Shawna Marie Thorn, Veterinary Assistant

            Lexington – Logan W. Becker, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Sandra Dawn Boland, Hospitality Service Assistant; Cheyenne LaRae Bradsher, CADD; Levi Brown, Graphic Design; Tyler L. Conley, Combination Welder; Ashton Couch, Cyber Security; Vicky L. Crider, Graphic Design; Daniel Joel Danner, CNC Machinist; Rylee Day, Health Careers Explorer; Ryan Dicksion, Pre-Engineering; Jesus Espinoza, Network Systems Technician; Braydon Forbes, Criminal Justice Officer; William Hooper, Cyber Security; Bailey E. Huff, Graphic Design; Alexys Hyde, Veterinary Assistant; Kolby B. King, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Tyson Madden, Therapeutic Health Careers; Alexis Michalek, Criminal Justice Officer; Pablo S. Montelongo, Automotive Service Technician; Emily Morris, Horticulture Technician; Dustin Scott Mowery, Residential HVAC Technician; Sarai Ocampo, Horticulture Technician; Lilli Perry, Medical Office Assistant; Lonnie Trey Richards, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Estefania Ruiz-Reyes, Pre-Nursing; Adam D. Shatley, Graphic Design; McKenzie B. Smith, Emergency Medical Technician; Trista Nicole Thurmond, Cosmetologist; Brookelyn Vaughn, Health Careers Explorer; Brooke Elizabeth Willingham, Graphic Design

            Lindsay – Taylor Baker, Health Careers Explorer; Camryn Carroll, Veterinary Assistant; Davey Cline, Mechatronics; Hailey Cowley, Criminal Justice Officer; Charlie Dewoody, Health Careers Explorer; Destiny D. Dudgeon, Pre-Nursing; Shayla D. England, Therapeutic Health Careers; Adam Franklin, Criminal Justice Officer; Melanie Gandy, Health Careers Explorer; Ryan Gibbs, Combination Welder; Gavin Harp, Audio Visual Integration; Tracy Hill, Health Careers Explorer; Makayla D. Huff, Emergency Medical Technician; Hailey Jackson, Criminal Justice Officer; Aspen Kenworthy, Health Careers Explorer; Kimberly Mendez, Medical Office Assistant; Tristian P. Michaels, Multimedia Specialist; Caleb Mottinger, Cyber Security; Jeremiah Perry, Horticulture Technician; Ryker Lewis Edward Platt, Combination Welder; Trance Raisch, Cyber Security; Marco S. Rivera, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Chloe Singleton, Health Careers Explorer; Nathaniel L. Smith, Residential Carpentry; Layne Sparkman, Combination Welder; Axel Stephen, Criminal Justice Officer; Yasmin Lucero Valenzuela, Automotive Service Technician

            Little Axe – Tavin Andrew Ashley, Veterinary Assistant; Alex Don Bateman, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Matthew Edward Bateman, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Jacob Billingsley, CADD; Nolan Wesley Bullard, CNC Machinist; Johnathan J.E. Byrd, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Joseph Davis, Health Careers Explorer; Kody Dellinger, Therapeutic Health Careers; Sandra DeLoera, Pre-Nursing; Ivory Dye, Health Careers Explorer; Clarita Linda Esparza, Veterinary Assistant; Emilee Evans, Therapeutic Health Careers; Kameron W. Farris, Therapeutic Health Careers; McKennah Giles, Health Careers Explorer; Jay W. Horvath, Combination Welder; Courtney Michelle Hosler, Veterinary Assistant; Nicolas L. Knapp, Combination Welder; Chelsey Looper, Audio Visual Integration; Elizabeth Loren Mullendore, Therapeutic Health Careers; Mackenzie R. Pope, Therapeutic Health Careers; Jackie Allen Rogers, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Bryen James Starr, Combination Collision Repair Technician

Maysville – Brodie Wayne Albright, Residential Carpentry; Lydia Rylee Bell, Multimedia Specialist; Jillian Tierra Farrell, Medical Office Assistant; Hailey Hunter, Health Careers Explorer; Zerek Michael Johnson, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Callee Parkinson, Veterinary Assistant; Kristopher Snow, Cyber Security

Meeker – Molly White, Equine Production

            Moore – John Veach, Network Systems Technician

Newalla – Wendoline Carreon, Veterinary Assistant; Loden Fox, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Candace Rei Pennington, Graphic Design

            Newcastle – Bailey Anderson, Health Careers Explorer; Tyler G. Anderson, Emergency Medical Technician; Jordyn Claire Bailey, Multimedia Specialist; Emma Batchelder, Health Careers Explorer; Lydia Bledsoe, Health Careers Explorer; Connor Gage Bolser, Graphic Design; Aubri Branscum, Cosmetologist; Trey R. Brite, Multimedia Specialist; Riley Weldon Burk, Automotive Service Technician; Yasmin N. Burns, Cosmetologist, Happie Candelaria, Health Careers Explorer; Devin M. Casias, Automotive Service Technician; Evan C. Christian, Automotive Service Technician; Anderson Conner, Emergency Medical Technician; John Parker Crosby, Emergency Medical Technician; Allyson Forsythe, Cosmetologist; Taryn Fullingim, Cosmetologist; Dalton Kirkes, Residential Carpentry; Daniel Lozano, Emergency Medical Technician; Betsy Jackelin Medrano, Medical Office Assistant; Aleia Melton, Equine Production; Melissa Mora-Rodriguez, Health Careers Explorer; Alandra M. Phillips, Multimedia Specialist; Tim Pinion, Combination Welder; Mariano Ramirez, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Kaylee Ann Shope, Emergency Medical Technician; Ayreauna Singley, Criminal Justice Officer; Alexis Stanfield, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Lynlee Tortolini, Health Careers Explorer; Rebecca Lynn Town, Emergency Medical Technician; Skyla L. Unklesbay, Multimedia Specialist; Breckyn Danielle Williams, Equine Production

            Noble – Chyenne Airington, Equine Production; Nicole Aldrich, Health Careers Explorer; Elexia Ashlock, Veterinary Assistant; Ian Barnes, Pre-Engineering; Zacary Zain Bell, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Jameson Cole Billy, Emergency Medical Technician; Audrey Bowen, Health Careers Explorer; Tristen A. Churchwell, Multimedia Specialist; Eric D. Clemmerson, Therapeutic Health Careers; Isaac Aaron Clemmerson, Therapeutic Health Careers; Keith M. Cunningham, CNC Machinist; Maci Decker, Cosmetologist; Angel May Ellis, Pre-Nursing; Brantley Alan Finch, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Kale Frick, CADD; Emily Gibbons, Criminal Justice Officer; Shyann Hames, Health Careers Explorer; Sakura N. Henderson, Pre-Nursing, Kaylah Lynn Hill, Cosmetologist; Khyber D. Houston, Multimedia Specialist; Caleb R. Hyer, Pre-Nursing; Cale W. Jones, Combination Welder; Trinity Nicole Lockridge, Veterinary Assistant; Sagan Brisa Martin, Emergency Medical Technician; Harli Mason, Health Careers Explorer; Eleora Mata, Health Careers Explorer; Ozzy W. McCraw, Multimedia Specialist; Breanna Medrano, Therapeutic Health Careers; Jacqueline Pena, Medical Office Assistant; Chloe Peterson, Therapeutic Health Careers; Jadyn Ratliff, Mechatronics; Rylee M. Roberts, Pre-Nursing; Madison Rosenfelt, Medical Office Assistant; Harper D. Ross, Multimedia Specialist; Alie Rudd, Health Careers Explorer; Kyle H. Taylor, Residential HVAC Technician; Darren J. Warren, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Jackson L. Waters, Residential HVAC Technician; Jaxon L. Windsor, Residential HVAC Technician; Garrett W. Young, Residential HVAC Technician     

Norman – Dakota Barbera, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Gabrielle Bussum, Medical Office Assistant; Rylee Dailey, Equine Production; Ronald Keith Evans, Residential Carpentry; Daniel Farris, Cyber Security; Konher Peighn Kirkes, CNC Machinist; Jonathan Moses, Cyber Security

            Paoli – Emily Bratt, Health Careers Explorer; Abigail Covington, Medical Office Assistant; Matthew Cruz, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Elizabeth Dunn, Pre-Nursing; Michael Gomez, Network Systems Technician; Madison McGuire, Cosmetologist; Macy Schneider; Health Careers Explorer; Cali Wigley, Health Careers Explorer

            Pauls Valley – Jorge Luis Armendariz, Residential/Commercial Electrician’s Assistant; Erick Balderrama, Automotive Service Technician; Grant Boger, Mechatronics; Skylar Cranford, Cosmetologist; Bailey Etchison, Criminal Justice Officer; Mario Jose Gaitan, Multimedia Specialist; Justin Orlando Galdamez, Automotive Service Technician; Alejandro Garcia, Combination Welder; Jeffrey Gray, Mechatronics; Shana Nicole Harper, Medical Office Assistant; Mia Ledbetter, Cosmetologist; Erykah McBride, Horticulture Technician; Erik Pascual Medina, Building & Property Maintenance; Elias Vladimir Morales, Automotive Service Technician; Melanie Oliva, Medical Office Assistant; Nathan T. Rains, Emergency Medical Technician; Genesis Sanchez-Pina, Cosmetologist; Landon Kody Satterfield, Automotive Service Technician; Austyn Smith, Health Careers Explorer; Andrew Wade, Network Systems Technician; Candace N. Walker, CNC Machinist       

Purcell – Samantha Lorraine Ardery, Pre-Nursing; Natalie Auz, Therapeutic Health Careers; Levi Bartels, Criminal Justice Officer; Blakeleigh Bennett, Cosmetologist; Sky Blanco, Cosmetologist; Caleb Bloodworth, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Nathan Carrillo, Automotive Service Technician; Lela Christian, Health Careers Explorer; Angel Daniele Cunningham, Emergency Medical Technician; Bostin Fink, Combination Welder; Kaylea Gonzalez, Medical Office Assistant; Landon William Gray, Automotive Service Technician; Gavin R. Haysler, Residential Carpentry; Braden T. Hunter, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Zane Isley, Residential Carpentry; Mackynzie Kelly, Cosmetologist; Sheldon Rhett Martin, Building & Property Maintenance; Marisol Munoz Olguin, Graphic Design; Rebeca Juliana Myury, Therapeutic Health Careers; Laura V. Paez, Cosmetologist; Jesus Lisandro Paredez, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Cristian David Reyes, Automotive Service Technician; Nicolas Salazar, Criminal Justice Officer; Kenneth Saucedo, Cyber Security; Brylee          Skinner, Health Careers Explorer; Mackenzie Smith-Ivers, Health Careers Explorer; Cheyenne Nicole Storey, Emergency Medical Technician; Cole James Swafford, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Eldena Ann Taylor, Pre-Nursing; Korri Waitman, Equine Production; Angelina Marie Willems, Emergency Medical Technician

Stratford – Jennifer K. Alberson, Pre-Nursing; Salena Bear, Health Careers Explorer; Daylon Bryant, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Dominick Choate, CADD; Lauren G. George, Graphic Design; Mabry Haynes, Therapeutic Health Careers; Trinity Hobbs, Therapeutic Health Careers; Jakob Q. Holland, Combination Welder; Brody Gene McLean, Emergency Medical Technician; Teya McMillan, Criminal Justice Officer; Dilan L. Purgason, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Brynn Savage, Health Careers Explorer; Steven Dale Whedbee, CNC Machinist

Tecumseh – Kanda Kay Arnett, Equine Production

Vanoss – Kya Dawn Rhodes, Veterinary Assistant

Wanette – Bailey Cellars, Cosmetologist; Amber Jo Chartney, Veterinary Assistant; Henrirose Ortega, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; June Sims, Health Careers Explore

            Washington – Lane A. Babcock, Emergency Medical Technician; Jaidynn Bingham, Health Careers Explorer; Caden Crosthwait, Health Careers Explorer; Madeline K. Davies, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Jacob Feddersen, Cyber Security; Joseph Scott Glasco, Residential HVAC Technician; Allyn Goodrum, Veterinary Assistant; Bryn Harmon, Veterinary Assistant; Luke J. Hendrix, Therapeutic Health Careers; Linda Lopez, Cosmetologist; Billy E. Montgomery III, Residential/Commercial Electrician's Assistant; Clarisa Nicole Montoya, Cosmetologist; Madisson J. Myers, Therapeutic Health Careers; Colin Pelton, Audio Visual Integration; Brady       Purcell-Ary, CADD; Megan Queen, Horticulture Technician; Sierra Ralls, Veterinary Assistant; Ashlee Reich, Health Careers Explorer; Jadon Cale Sanchez, Multimedia Specialist; Kelton Schultz, Combination Welder; Kinzie Schultz, Pre-Nursing; Karleigh Tacker, Therapeutic Health Careers; Katia Daniela Toledo Valles, Veterinary Assistant; Karlee Trammell, Health Careers Explore

            Wayne – Manuel Barrios, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Ashley Bless, Health Careers Explorer; Preston Deaton, Audio Visual Integration; Adam Cruz Garza, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Mead W. Gerfen, Combination Welder; James M. Gootee, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Darian M. Hass, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Brian I. Ibarra, Combination Welder; Megan           Jones, Pre-Engineering; Lane Austin Meyers, Residential HVAC Technician; Macy J. Mills, Pre-Nursing; Adam T. Owens, Combination Welder; Perla Ramirez Perez, Medical Office Assistant; Ryan Michael Redus, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Kayla Rojo, Health Careers Explorer; Grace Smith, Health Careers Explorer; Jason Stewart, Cyber Security; Mayce Trejo, Therapeutic Health Careers; Beth Watts, Health Careers Explore

            Wynnewood – Brayden W. Alexander, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Zoe Alexander, Health Careers Explorer; Jacob Bailey, Cyber Security; Riley Cogburn, Health Careers Explorer; Timothy J. Cope, Residential HVAC Technician; Araldo Hernandez, Combination Welder; Alyssa Herring, Cosmetologist; Dillon Huff, Criminal Justice Officer; Zachary Johnson, Cyber Security; Kurtis Dylan Morrison, Automotive Service Technician; Cynthia Munoz, Health Careers Explorer; Natalie Jewell Pollard, Hospitality Service Assistant; Chance Sullivan, Criminal Justice Officer; Justin Yeakey, Criminal Justice Officer

Outstanding Students:

Blanchard – Victoria Berryman, Veterinary Assistant; Chance Kristian Elliott, Automotive Service Technician; Ashton Harrington, Criminal Justice Officer; Robbie M. Lee, Emergency Medical Technician; Heidi Musick, Cosmetologist; Matthew D. Wright, Emergency Medical Technician

Bridge Creek – Blake T. Reince, Network Systems Technician

Byars – Charles Hawkins, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician

Dibble – Eduardo Cruz, Cyber Security

Elmore City – Shawna Marie Thorn, Veterinary Assistant

Lexington – Logan W. Becker, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Vicky L. Crider, Graphic Design; Daniel Joel Danner, CNC Machinist; Ryan Dicksion, Pre-Engineering; Brooke Elizabeth Willingham, Graphic Design

Lindsay – Davey Cline, Mechatronics; Adam Franklin, Criminal Justice Officer; Tracy Hill, Health Careers Explorer; Jeremiah Perry, Horticulture Technician; Yasmin Lucero Valenzuela, Automotive Service Technician

Little Axe – Jacob Billingsley, CADD; Sandra DeLoera, Pre-Nursing; Chelsey Looper, Audio Visual Integration

Maysville – Lydia Rylee Bell, Multimedia Specialist

Meeker – Molly White, Equine Production

Newcastle – Tim Pinion, Combination Welder

Noble – Jacqueline Pena, Medical Office Assistant; Madison Rosenfelt, Medical Office Assistant; Jackson L. Waters, Residential HVAC Technician

Norman – Rylee Dailey, Equine Production; Ronald Keith Evans, Residential Carpentry; Daniel Farris, Cyber Security

Paoli – Elizabeth Dunn, Pre-Nursing

Pauls Valley – Grant Boger, Mechatronics; Mario Jose Gaitan, Multimedia Specialist; Erik Pascual Medina, Building & Property Maintenance; Andrew Wade, Network Systems Technician; Candace N. Walker, CNC Machinist

Purcell – Natalie Auz, Therapeutic Health Careers; Bostin Fink, Combination Welder; Mackynzie Kelly, Cosmetologist; Sheldon Rhett Martin, Building & Property Maintenance; Cole James Swafford, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician

Stratford – Brynn Savage, Health Careers Explorer

Washington – Caden Crosthwait, Health Careers Explorer; Megan Queen, Horticulture Technician

Wayne – Ryan Michael Redus, Combination Collision Repair Technician

Wynnewood – Timothy Cope, Residential HVAC Technician; Natalie Jewell Pollard, Hospitality Service Assistant

Perfect Attendance:  

Blanchard – Bailey Adams, Health Careers Explorer; Caden Adams, Pre-Engineering; Braden Brummett, Criminal Justice Officer; Carson Davis, Pre-Engineering; Ashton Harrington, Criminal Justice Officer; Karah Marie Silk, Graphic Design; Magan Stewart, Multimedia Specialist; Matthew D. Wright, Emergency Medical Technician

Lexington – Ryan Dicksion, Pre-Engineering; Ashlee Nelson, Graphic Design

Lindsay – Gage Wallace, Pre-Engineering

            Newcastle – Yasmin N. Burns, Cosmetologist; Jerith Carinder, Multimedia Specialist; Luke Evans, Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician; Lance Owen, Pre-Engineering; Alandra M. Phillips, Multimedia Specialist

            Noble – Lane Allen, Combination Welder; Taylor Beem, Graphic Design

            Paoli – Jerry Thompson, Multimedia Specialist

            Pauls Valley – Connor Nabors, Cyber Security

Purcell – Angel Daniele Cunningham, Emergency Medical Technician; Laura V. Paez, Cosmetologist

Washington – Dominik Jackson, Cyber Security

            Wayne – Kayla Rojo, Health Careers Explorer

            Wynnewood – Kaehlen Rog, Cyber Security

To view virtual graduations go to and click on 2021 Awards and Graduation Ceremony